Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Browsing Self-help Books Online

I find recommendations for a lot of books at different groups that I visit. One group in particular recommends a lot of self-help books. Before even checking the library, I pop over to Amazon to see if they have the book. I then, browse the book through the little "look inside" feature. Not every book has this, but many do. If you click on the "Look inside" the page will bring up a good chunk of the book. Sometimes, you have to hover over the upper right corner, just above the book, for the "Look inside" to appear.

Obviously, they don't show you all or even most of the book. But much of it is available this way. And depending on if you're visit, or, or, different amounts of the book may be available, depending on the book. I sometimes read the excerpt to a book on another's country's Amazon site.

Clearly, this sneak peak is designed for shoppers to see if they want to purchase the book. I use it to see if I want to check the book out from the library. And then, perhaps I may want to own a specific book. Most of the time, though, with self-help books, I can get the gist of the information, enough for my tastes, in just the sneak peak. It's just another frugal indulgence of mine.

I mentioned the sneak peak feature to a friend who had ordered a book from Amazon, recently, and this friend was very surprised that this even existed. So, I'm sharing, in case you don't know this either.