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Thursday, September 28, 2023

Cheap & Cheerful Suppers for the Late Garden Season

We're still using a lot of garden produce in meals and snacks, although much of what we're now using has been harvested and brought indoors and not as much is garden fresh. But the meals have been delicious and wholesome. Here were our suppers for the week.



taco salads -- tortilla chips, beef, beans, garden lettuce, garden tomatoes, garden green onions, cheese
plums and cookies for dessert


garden kale and tomato frittata
white rice

Sunday (sorry, no photo)
bean burritos
apple wedges


beef stir fry with garden cabbage and carrots
white rice


chicken pot pie, using garden pumpkin, green beans, celery, sage, garlic, parsley, and purchased onion, plus leftover chicken in stock
blackberry cobbler


more taco salads -- using the other half of the bag of tortilla chips, beef, beans, garden lettuce, garden tomatoes, garden green onions, and cheese
plums and blackberry cobbler for dessert

coconut lentil curry over brown rice
tomato wedges

Friends, can I ask you to pray about something for me. I'm sad, scared and worried about an upcoming dental procedure. I fractured a tooth all the way to the bone recently and saw the dentist today. She said there's no way to save the tooth, and I'll have to have it extracted. For those of you who pray, could you pray that I will have courage to face this. It will be months before I can have an implant placed in the bone tissue. I know others have faced this type of situation. Knowing that helps me. Are there dental procedures you've been faced with that have been especially difficult? I know others go through much more difficult situations. But this is what I'm going through right now.

Because I needed to distract myself from my lousy dental visit, when I came home my two daughters were around and they kept me company while I made our green tomato sweet pickle relish. We made 5 half-pint jars, enough for the year. I used small green tomatoes that wouldn't ripen indoors (the plants are blackening from blight brought on with the week of cold rains), a garden red pepper and a garden green peppers, 1 whole onions from the store, some spices, sugar and vinegar. I can't always get rid of the discouragements in life, but I can try to add some successes to bad days. It makes me feel like the good and bad are better balanced, rather than a strictly bad day.

Something just occurred to me, that I can add to the "good" side of the balance for today. Knowing that you friends are reading here really cheers me up.

Wishing you all a lovely autumn weekend.


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