Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Yesterday Was a Really Long, Hard Slog of Work

I am finishing up my writing course, but I tell you, yesterday was grueling.  A lot of folks had the day off from work. Not here; not me. I worked, and edited and revised, and edited some more, and examined what I had revised, and finally conked out, too tired to think with any remaining clarity. I'll need to get right back to that project later this morning, hopefully with a fresh (and capable) mind.

One of my daughters is away from home for the week. (Yes, I'm sad on top of tired.) The other daughter was also busy with classwork all day long. She misses her sister. The two of us commiserated, heartily. Neither she nor I had time to cook dinner for the four of us. And no one else was stepping up to the plate. So, I pulled a container of soup out of the freezer, added egg salad sandwiches and bananas, and that was dinner.

I'm tired and sad today. I hope that I am out of this funk by tomorrow. I do have a goal in sight; and the thought of that goal is driving me forward. I know that many of you understand this feeling, of pushing yourself through a tough time in order to reach a much-desired goal. Wishing you success as you reach for your stars.

Have a great day, friends!