Monday, November 24, 2014

My Thanksgiving sweater: dressing up a plain sweater with too long sleeves

(sorry for the poor-quality photo -- taken with an ipad)

I have this off-white, ribbed, cotton turtleneck sweater that I got a fabulous deal on, a while back. It fits great in the shoulders, I like the length and body fit. But . . . I don't like having to turn up sleeves on my sweaters. Extra long sleeves seem to be "in". And, turning them up makes me feel like I'm back in 4th grade, wearing my sister's hand-me-downs.

In looking through my closet, I came across another sweater that I love, love, love. It's a short-sleeved sweater, with turned up cuff on the short sleeves. The "cuff" is secured with a single rhinestone button. This gave me an idea.

I poured through my button box, hoping to find matching pearl buttons. Unfortunately, no matches.

So, with coupons in hand, my daughters came with me to the fabric store. We looked through all the pearl buttons and found some with "brass" trim that we thought would look nice. And, as both my daughters and I had our own coupons, I could use two 60% off coupons, to buy 2 cards of these buttons (2 buttons per card). The buttons cost a "whopping" $1.60!

Once home, I turned up the cuff to the right length, then sewed two buttons to each cuff, on the outside of the wrist.

*One thing to note, when adding "fancy" buttons, the back of the button card will say whether the buttons can be laundered, or need dry-cleaning.

Anyways, this is my Thanksgiving sweater. I'll be wearing this on Thursday for our family dinner.

About those mailer coupons for craft and fabric stores -- all three of my us, my daughters and myself, are on their mailing list. So, when coupons come out, we each get a set. And when the 3 of us are hitting the fabric or craft store, together, we can swap coupons. (Well, actually, I'll give a couple of dollars to one daughter for her to purchase my item with her coupon, and vice versa.) When my daughters are no longer 3-some-ing to the fabric/craft store with me, I'll probably sign my hubby up for the mailers/coupons. I'm sure he'll REALLY enjoy an afternoon at the fabric store, waiting in line at the cutting table, etc, so that I can use all of the coupons allowed for our household!! ;-)


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