Monday, September 26, 2016

Would you believe a cashmere sweater for 99 cents?

I know. It sounds unbelievable. But believe it. This cashmere sweater, for 99 cents at St. Vincent de Paul, a couple of Sundays ago.

Every time my daughters and I go to SVdP, for their Sunday 99 cent clothing deal, I make a quick pass by the sweater section. I've been scouring the racks all summer, for a cashmere sweater or two.

The only real drawback to cashmere is the cleaning. However, I was doing some reading, and apparently, dry cleaning is not the best way to clean cashmere sweaters. It's just the easiest.

Very gentle hand-washing, in a basin of 85 degree F water, with a bit of baby shampoo, is what several experts recommend. Rinse in clean water, avoiding twisting of the sweater. Press the water out of the sweater (don't wring), and lay flat on a terry towel. Roll the sweater up in the towel, to press additional water out. Then, unroll, and lay the sweater flat, and pull into shape on a horizontal sweater drying rack. Allow to air dry.

I've done this sort of thing with my cashmere sweaters before. I just didn't know it was the best way to clean cashmere. Who knew?! And now I can feel better about some of my cheapskate ways!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Making a Hallowe'en pillow for free

This is another piece of our front porch autumn decor. Super fast, and cost nothing, not a single extra cent.

1 outdoor pillow (which I already have)

plus 1 trick or treat bag (my kids are too old for trick or treating, but we still have the bags. This one came to us for free several years ago.)

The pillow tucked into the TOT bag

The top edges tucked over the top of the pillow, and down inside the back of the TOT bag.  Voila, one Hallowe'en pillow, "made" in 3 minutes, for zero cost. When Hallowe'en is over, the pillow goes back with the other deck pillows, and the TOT bag, goes back in the trunk with other Hallowe'en stuff.

Hey! I'm busy with my daughters this week and next. This is the very end of their summer break, and both are done with summer jobs. So, the 3 of us are hanging out, doing some fun stuff, collecting everything they need for the school year, and enjoying our time together. I'll be back on the 26th of September. Have a great week!