Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Working soil from dead potted plants into my vegetable garden beds

You know those pots of soil laced with the dried-out root systems of dead plants, sometimes former houseplants, sometimes last year's annuals? I recycle the soil from these dead potted plants into each season's vegetable garden. Our garden soil is clay-like, here, while potted plants often have a loose soil structure. The nutrients may have been leached out, but texture of these pots of soil is good for my garden. I dump the pots out onto turned soil, add whatever coffee grounds we have for the week plus 2 large handfuls of plant food. I use a shovel to turn this all in, breaking up the root systems as I go, and rake it smooth for planting.

If perchance a pansy or geranium were to come to life in my veggie garden I would count that as a bonus. But for the most part, this is just a soil texture amendment. My garden needs some sort of texture amendment every year. My alternative would be to buy soil amendments for the garden. So I save a few dollars by recycling the soil from my dead potted plants.

Another bonus, my chives are about to come into full bloom. I'll begin making chive blossom vinegar over the weekend. Just in time for salad season! If you grow chives in your yard, be sure to use some of the blossoms. They have a delightful garlic-onion flavor and are wonderful broken over soups and salads.