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Friday, April 27, 2012

Chopping the whole garlic: so simple, saves time and money

This technically falls under the heading of a time-saver.  But when I'm coming home late in the afternoon, and I know that I have this done and in the freezer, I'm less-inclined to purchase some sort of convenience product to instant-ize my dinner prep.  And so, it's also a money saver.  When I break out a new head of garlic, I peel and chop the entire head.  I use what I need for that meal and freeze the rest in a reusable freezer container (otherwise known to us thrifty folk as a used yogurt container).  With this pre-chopped garlic I at least have the most tedious of prep jobs done to make soups, sauces and seasonings for veggies and meats.

I've shared with you, now tell me something you do to save time or money in the kitchen.

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