Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Creative Savv

What's in a name?

definition: shrewd
synonyms: clever, ingenious
definition: natural or acquired power/ability
synonyms: talent, knack, skill

Creative Savv: using more ingenuity than cash to build exceptional family and home life

I'm glad you came to this page, so that I could tell you a bit more about myself, more than the small blurb in the "About Me" section of the sidebar.

I live in the Pacific Northwest of the USA. Yeah, where it rains all the time! Seriously, just behind my house is something resembling the rain forest. Anyway, I live here with my husband, Doug, and our 3 children, Chris, Julia and Grace. Doug and I have been married for 27 years (my, has it been that long?).

We attend the local Presbyterian church, where we are overjoyed to make most of our social and volunteer experiences. "Joy" is the best word I could choose to describe the feeling I have when I enter those doors at MPC. 

My husband is a grant's admin guy, working for a cancer research organization. I've worked a few part time jobs during the course of our marriage, as a way to bring in a little extra money, mostly working from home. I now work out of the home, but just one day per week.

Our kids are growing up or have grown up. Our son is 26 years old, and our two daughters are now 19, and have moved on to university (Ack!!!). Life's changes are both terrifying and exciting. Every year brings something new.

I enjoy family time, traveling, art ( I was an Art History major), gardening, baking and cooking, writing, sewing, crafts, budgeting and planning (a bit of a nerd that way), and DIY projects.

Our house was a bit of a fixer-upper when we first bought it. We're just smart enough to know not to try to do all the fixing work ourselves! We stick to the small projects which, if done improperly, will not cause the house to catch fire, fall down or flood. The yard was not much more than evergreens, moss and a small patch of grass when we moved in. Aside from taking down ginormous evergreen trees (we have a great tree guy who does that for us), we've done almost all of the landscape work here. It's a work in progress, to be sure. But also an enjoyable hobby for us both.

Gracious frugal living is how I'd describe our lifestyle.  Someday, I'd like to be remembered as being unaffected, compassionate and generous in spirit. And I very much hope to imbue these ideals into my children.

Come along with me, share your story, let's take this journey together. 

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