Friday, May 11, 2012

Greeting cards and curling ribbons

Even non-frugal types save nice bows and gift wrap bags.  So here are two gift wrapping tips for the frugal.

The greeting card fix
Have you ever botched the message on a greeting or Thank You card?  So frustrating!  There's a quick fix for this.  All you need is an exacto knife and straight edge metal ruler.  Open the card and lay flat on cutting surface. (I use old catalogs for my cutting surface).  Line up the straight edge ruler so that you will be cutting off the crease and your botched message portion of card.  Use exacto to cut card.  You now have a postcard for your greeting or Thank You.  You can leave it as a postcard, or use a glue stick or rubber cement to adhere it to a card blank or piece of card stock you cut yourself.  A second chance with that card!

Curling ribbon reuse
Most folks throw out curling ribbons that come on gifts.  You can straighten these and remove any creases formed by tying knots in the ribbons, making them suitable for reuse.  You already know to curl the ribbon, you pull ribbon against the blade of scissors quickly.  Well, to straighten and remove creases, untie any knots and pull the ribbon slowly against the scissors blade.  You can also flip the ribbon over and pull slowly along the back side of the curl.  Your ribbon is now ready for reuse.  Really tough knot to untie?  Use a toothpick to get to the heart of the knot and loosen.

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