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Monday, August 13, 2012

While on vacation . . .

I lost a filling, or broke a tooth, or something of that sort. It happened on the first day away. I have to go get it fixed Tuesday morning and I can hardly focus on anything today. (Huge fear of dentistry, goes back many years to having a tooth drilled on without adequate numbing, dentist didn't believe me when I said I was in pain. Horrible experience.)

So, I did get myself to finish cleaning out the pantry (sounds like I did a lot, but was nearly done anyways). I picked a bunch of green beans and will make a small batch of pickles. And I'm trying to motivate myself to go outside and put another coat of paint on the garden bench.

Today I am focus-less. Do you ever have days like this? You can't seem to get yourself to do anything of substance? Oh well. I'll go get stuff together to make those green bean pickles. I will hopefully get a post finished for you tomorrow morning. As you're reading, think of me. And if you're one who prays, say a quick one for me. I'd appreciate that.


Belinda said...

Sending good thoughts and prayers your way, Lili. :)

live and learn said...

I have many days that I have trouble focusing. Those are the days I use a timer--sometimes for only five minutes at a time, but I find it really helps.

My son had a similar experience to yours with an oral surgeon--operating when he wasn't numb and the surgeon wouldn't believe him. That was several years ago, but my son went back to the same guy to have his wisdom teeth out. I was surprised, but it was his choice. My son said that he has learned since then that he doesn't numb easily, so he didn't think it was the oral surgeons fault entirely. My son is more forgiving than I am. FYI, his second experience with him has been very good.

Lili said...

Thanks, Belinda! I appreciate it!

Lili said...

Thanks for your input. I intend to explain to the dentist what my experience was, and ask that he make sure I am thoroughly numb. It's a new dentist. New insurance and I don't get a choice. I just keep telling myself, "this time tomorrow it'll all be over."

I've just been going down my list of to-dos for the day, and trying to get stuff done.

Thanks for your support!

Everyday Life On A Shoestring said...

I can really sympathise...I'm generally quite calm but being in the dentist's chair puts me in a state of high anxiety these days. I try and think of it positively (but it's hard!) lucky we are to be able to access good dental care and looking after your teeth really does benefit your overall health. I'm finding it really hard to focus on jobs this week when all the family are at home. My aim today is just start a little something of a few tasks rather than expect to get the whole job done!

Pamela said...

I'm actually quite terrible at focus! Throw in something like your situation and I'd be no good to anyone until it was over.

I *hate* it when doctors don't believe you when you say you're in pain. That's happened to me before and I went off on a tear on them after.

I hope it goes well.

Lili said...

Hi Sarah,
Thanks for the better perspective. I will try to keep that attitude this morning.

My focus never really improved yesterday. But I did just force myself to get a few things done. And then gave myself a pass on painting the bench (my least favorite job this week).

It's especially hard when everyone is home. I can sympathize! Good for you to just do a little at a time.

Lili said...

Hi Pamela,
These things are like mental road blocks for me. I can't seem to see beyond them. And getting things done is near impossible. Thankfully it'll be over in a few hours.

Thanks for your well wishes!

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