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Monday, September 3, 2012

The eight-hour movement: It's Labor Day in the US and Canada today

It's Labor Day here in the US and in Canada. Labor Day has it's origins in the adoption of the eight-hour movement -- 8 hours for work, eight hours for leisure and 8 hours for sleep. Labor day as a holiday exists around the world, but on different dates.

Here's an interesting tidbit. You know the old saying "never wear white after Labor Day"? Well, legend has it that on several occasions, individuals who were wearing white in autumn or winter, became lost in the snow and were unable to be located because their white clothing blended in so well with the snowy landscape. Interesting, eh?

Labor day usually means picnics and barbeques, camping, parades, and street fairs. We'll be having our last of summer vacation cook-out, with the roasting of hot dogs on sticks, a potato salad, some carrots sticks and to end the dinner al fresco, making s'mores. If someone will set up the croquet set, we'll have one last tournament to determone once and for all who is the champion croquet player of 2012.

What will Labor Day have on store for you today? Is this a day to sleep in? Will you observe the eight-hour rule, if just for this one day? Do you have favorite foods for end of summer picnics or barbeques?


  1. My favorite end of the summer food is So'mores. Well, actually I just started thinking about them when you mentioned them. They are really good. If we decide to go out today, maybe we'll get ingredients for them.

    1. Good morning, live and learn!
      We do love making s'mores around here. I've been hanging onto some marshmallows and graham crackers just for this. I'm out of chocolate, so will make a cocoa frosting to spread on the crackers, instead. We enjoy that just as much.

      I hope you enjoy your day!

  2. I have never met anyone who has a croquet set before. I've heard it's really hard to play, is that true?

    Have a happy Labor day :)

    1. Hi Economies,
      oh, croquet is actually fairly popular in the states. A lot of folks have croquet sets here. And no, it's not hard at all to play. My kids were even playing when they were quite small. Perhaps like miniature golf, in degree of difficulty, but the balls are a lot bigger and easier to hit straight. Now this makes me wonder, are there games often played at picnics in Australia? There's probably something common to your area that I've not heard of!

      Have a great day!

    2. Croquet is a great game. Just about everyone can play it. Because there are so many variables in each turn (like someone can hit your ball out of the way), skill is only a small part of the game. Out of the MANY times I have played, I can honestly say that everyone I have played with had a good time.

  3. We will be grilling out today with hamburgers. I'd also like to make a pasta salad to go along with it. Hope you have a wonderful holiday and enjoy the unofficial end to summer, Lili. :)

    1. Good morning, Belinda,
      That sounds yummy! Hope you have a great holiday, too! I woke up to clouds and fog this morning. I'm hoping it'll burn off so we can feel like we had a summer day, here.

  4. We had our August bank holiday a couple of weeks ago over here so I'm celebrating your Labor day in 8 hour movement style...just done the work part, now I'm onto the leisure bit!

    1. Hi Sarah,
      Enjoy your 8 hours of leisure this afternoon and evening! What was your August bank holiday in honor of?

  5. I took today to sleep in, informed my son today was my day after giving him most of my week to move into their new home. So first up now is getting my house back in shape after a week of kids here every day :-)

    1. Hi Lois,
      I'm glad you slept in, and, definitely, do take some time for yourself today! If you've had kids there every day, you must be exhausted. I take care of a group of preschoolers one morning a week, and that wears me out to the bone!

      I slept in a bit this morning, too. But I'm trying not to do too much of that, as I have to be back into the routine of up early on Wednesday>

      Have a great day to yourself!

  6. That is so interesting about the white after labour day thing! Never heard that before. I went to my friend's for a mexican party and had a few margaritas. Great time ! Love the long weekend. Now onto the fall. :)

    1. Hi Gillian,
      Sounds like you had a great time! I loooove Mexican food. And yes, I start thinking fall tomorrow.

      I'm glad you dropped by!


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