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Thursday, January 17, 2013

5 things that I am very thankful for

  1. A gorgeous sunrise for my drive home from dropping my daughters off at school.
  2. An excellent cup of coffee, made at home, on my ancient, hand-me-down, one-cup-at-a-time Black and Decker coffee maker. No k-cups here, just good coffee. (thanks again, to my brother-in-law and wife, for gifting us with their cast-offs)
  3. Our very sturdy kitchen table, that has seen 26 years of hard family-use, and will be refinished this summer. We put it together from a kit, all those years ago. Here's to 26 more years!
  4. A laugh and hug from a timid little 1 year-old girl, at MOPS on Tuesday. This little one made what I do, all worthwhile.
  5. My frosty, and invigorating 8-minute walk, (almost) every morning. It gets my day started on a high note.
Studies show that people who find things to be thankful for in their lives, on a daily basis, are happier overall. So, I try to find 5 things per day for which I am very grateful.

What are your 5 things?


Everyday Life On A Shoestring said...

Blog post done, leftovers for lunch, warm slippers, time for a brisk but chilly walk after lunch, ironing done!

Live and Learn said...

I'm thankful for the fuzzy throw I got for Christmas.

Lili said...

Sounds like you must have a nice satisfied feeling for the afternoon. What were your leftovers?

Lili said...

Oh, to be all snuggled under a warm and fuzzy throw sounds lovely right now! Who was the wonderful one who gave this to you?

Anonymous said...

Warm house, a few almost "ready" meals in the freezer, daughter in laws pregnancy has been wonderfully uneventful, that I learned how to cook at young age, and that this weekend is a 3 day weekend for hubby.

Lili said...

So much to be thankful for! Do you know, yet, whether it's a boy or a girl? I'm sure you are busily knitting for the new little one!

Kris said...

I only get 5? My husband of 11 years; my 2 kids who make me laugh several times a day; my parents who are in relatively good health, considering their age; being "rich" which I define as having everything I need and a lot of what I want; the opportunity to work in my profession ... some ... and to also be able to be home for my family; ok, I'm moving on to #6--sunshine in MI in January (a rare occurrence!).

An old Veggie-Tales song has the lyrics "a thankful heart is a happy heart"--it's true!

Lili said...

We Veggie Tales playing almost every afternoon, for several years. I still refer to stores like Target and WalMart as "The StuffMart".

Sunshine in January is rare for Seattle, too. We've had several days of it in the past week, which is quite a treat. Have you had much snow this year? It seems to be such a strange year, weather-wise, again.

Live and Learn said...

My sons gave it to me for Christmas. They actually did a lot of research before buying it by asking everyone they knew where they got their favorite blanket or throw. Sometimes they surprise me.

Economies of Kale said...

Sunshine (it sounds like I'm getting a lot more of it than any of you, so I should appreciate it!), the fact that Mr Omnivore is coming with me to help out with fieldwork this weekend, good dark chocolate with almonds, that the car was fixed quickly and easily, and being organised enough to write blog posts in advance for this lot of fieldwork :)

Lili said...

What great sons! And how very thorough they were in selecting just the right one for you!

Lili said...

I think you probably are getting the majority of the sun right now! That's so grat that Mr. O can come with you on your work this weekend. Will you be going anywhere scenic for your fieldwork?

Everyday Life On A Shoestring said...

The leftovers were small amounts of pasta, sausage casserole and roasted veg, which added up to a just right lunch bowl!

Lili said...

How yummy! The sausage casserole sounds interesting.

Kris said...

Wow! You referenced the same episode! Gotta love StuffMart.

This is our second year in a row with very little snow. On a "normal" winter I get snow-weary but right now I'm wishing for more white stuff! My kids want to go sledding! We are getting really cold weather next week so maybe some lake effect will come our way.

Lili said...

Keeping my fingers crossed that you get a nice blanket of snow for a little fun!

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