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Thursday, March 7, 2013

My cup runneth over. . .and now yours can, too! *a giveaway*

tea wallet giveaway -- cup definitely not included, sorry, it's one of my favs

Okay, so no offense to any men out there, but you know when the guy in your life gives you one of something, one year, and you exclaim how much you love it, that this practically guarantees that he will give you not one, but dozens of said item with the next occasion?

When you have a large pile of something,
don't you just want to scoop them up in your hands over and over?

My husband, bless his heart, discovered how much I loved his gift to me last year, of 2 small boxes of my favorite bagged tea. So, this year, just what do you think popped into his mind to gift me with? A large box filled with 100 sachets of my favorite bagged tea. It is definitely very good tea, and I appreciate his efforts to get me what he knows I will enjoy. I had thought about hoarding all this tea to myself. I could likely make it last a year (I don't drink tea every day, but several times per week). Or . . . I thought, why not share my good fortune with you?!

Let me tell you about this tea, so you can decide if you'd like some. It's double bergamot Earl Grey black tea. The bergamot is a citrus fruit, but instead of tasting citrusy, it tastes a lot like lavender, to me. I like the double bergamot, as it's highly flavorful, and can stand up to the milk I add to my tea. I have tried many versions of the extra bergamot Earl Grey, and this one is, IMO, the best. It could only be improved upon if it were a double bergamot, cream of Earl Grey.

And to sweeten this deal, I'm including one hand-sewn (by moi) tea wallet, that holds 4 sachets of tea, so that you'll never be without your favorite blend.

inside of tea wallet, when folded it's about 3 X 4 1/2 inches

This tea wallet has pockets inside for 4 tea bags, but also could be used to carry packets of your sweetener of choice where ever you go ( I like stevia for iced teas, and sugar in the raw for coffee, and rarely find them in coffee shops, restaurants or friends' homes).

This can be yours, you lucky thing --
imagine the boiling water frenzy in your own home!

I'm including 15 tea sachets with this tea wallet in this giveaway.  As I am aware, probably not everyone in this world shares my passion for a very bergamot-y tea, only 5 of the sachets will be the Double Bergamot Earl Grey. The other 10 sachets included are from my second and third favorite bagged teas, Decaf Chai Spice Black Tea, and Wild Blueberry with Acai Herb Tea.

The Decaf Chai Spice I enjoy when it's past my caffeine cut-off for the day, but want a treat of hot tea and milk. And the Wild Blueberry with Acai is my favorite diet treat. It tastes sweet, just as it is, and is great hot or iced.

So, this giveaway, absolutely free, no strings attached, includes the hand-made tea wallet, and 15 sachets of flavorful bagged tea. I know, it's not exactly fantabulous, but I just thought I'd share, as my cup was running over!

If you'd like to enter this giveaway, simply leave a comment below on your favorite tea. This is open to anyone on planet Earth (sorry, I can't ship to Mars, Venus or Saturn, due to planetary delivery complications). Tea sachets are lightweight, so shipping shouldn't be a concern for me, in case you're out of the country (USA) and worried on my behalf for expense (thank you, I do appreciate such kindness and consideration, but really, this is my treat, where ever you live!)

This giveaway will remain open until Sunday, midnight PDT (hey, we change our clocks this weekend!), March 10, 2013. I'll announce the lucky tea drinker on Tuesday, March 12, 2013, so do check back then. One entry per person, please. (But multiple people sharing one address can enter. I know of at least one mother/daughter who read here occasionally. And a shout out to my face-to-face friends who read here, you can enter, too. Don't think that because you know me outside of this blog that you are automatically excluded, 'kay? Good!)

And just an FYI, there WILL be a regular post on Saturday, as usual.


Live and Learn said...

My cup runneth over here also courtesy of my father-in-law, so I am not entering the contest. I could have a contest too, but I'm afraid that my tea might be too old. To everyone out there, does tea ever get to old to use?

Jemma@athomewithjemma said...


Bless your husbands heart!! How cute-he wanted to make you happy and just imagine if a few tea bags would delight you what 100 would do!!! I love your Tea Wallet and your crafty ability to make one!

Michelle said...

What a sweet giveaway! Thank you!

Jessica said...

Dear Lili, even if I don't win this wonderful item (my fave teas, chai and earl grey) at least I've come away with the idea of making my own.

I don't think tea gets too old to use if kept in a stable temp / humidity environment.

Lili said...

The essential oils may dissipate a bit, with time, but the tea will still be safe to drink, and most black and green tea blends will not develop an off taste. This could be different for herb teas. Loose tea doesn't have the benefit of sealed packaging and will lose flavor sooner than prepackaged, airtight sachets (like ones in those foil pouches). But I still drink tea that's several years old. I'll use it in iced tea blends in summer (add in garden herbs or crushed berries). You can also brew some tea up and use as liquid in a tea bread, if you just have too much of a tea that you don't care much for. Good luck with it. And how kind of your father-in-law to gift you with so much!

Kris said...

Mmm. Tea.

Anonymous said...

I love your tea wallet what a great way to carry what you love with you. I can't drink black teas due to kidney issues, so I try to carry along some herbal when I go out, but I just stash it in a pocket in my purse, not so pretty.

Anonymous said...

How sweet!

I love the tea wallet.

Economies of Kale said...

Yay, a giveaway that is open to everyone :) My favourite tea is green tea, but I'm also a fan of chai, and wild blueberry acai sounds tasty.

Mrs. Armstrong said...

I have always loved (since my teens)teas from the Republic of Tea - especially the Ginger Peach black tea. I also adore all kinds of mint tea especially after dinner and before bed. Nowadays I am saving Orange peels (per your post) and ginger peel to steep in hot water (with a little honey and lemon - yum).

CTMOM said...

Cute and clever idea-the tea wallet. My favorite tea? hard to decide as I love so many . . Earl gray, Constant Comment, an herbal infusion from France, I love lemon etc. Depends on my mood, and caffeine levels!

Lili said...

Hi Jemma,
I know, isn't that too cute?!

Lili said...

Hi Michelle,

Lili said...

Hi Jessica,
I love both chai and Earl Grey with lots of milk. How about you? Do you do milk in your tea? I had milk tea for the first time at a neighbor's house. My mom always put lemon in hers, no milk.

Lili said...

Hi Kris,
There is something about the ritual of tea that is very soothing. There's the time waiting for the water to heat. Then the tea has to steep for a couple of minutes. It's very hot, so I only take small sips at first. All of this serves to slow me down, and soothe and calm me. Coffee to wake me up, sure. But tea to slow me down.

Lili said...

Hi Lois,
Very smart of you to bring your own of what you know that you can have, whether it's just in a pocket in your purse or where ever)! You don't have to just sit and have water, because there's no herbal tea available.

Lili said...

Hi Shara,
Thank you!

Lili said...

Hi Economies,
You could probably grow your own green tea where you live. Cammilia Sinesis is the name, I believe. You can start it from seeds. It's hardy down to about 20 degrees F. And you can grow it in a pot! If weather ever threatened to get too cold, you could bring it in for a few days. I've thought about growing some myself in a pot, then overwintering indoors.

Lili said...

Hi Rebecca,
I think I have seen Republic of Tea at World Market --Cost Plus. I'll have to look for Ginger Peach. That sounds very yummy!

Lili said...

Hi Carol,
Thank you! An herbal infusion from France -- now you've peaked my interest! Do you happen to know which herbs they include?

Cheapchick said...

I drink Earl Grey every single day - but never tried double Bergamot! I buy it by the 100 packs - LOL! Cheers!

Everyday Life On A Shoestring said...

Great little tea wallet! Not being a coffee drinker any more, I love my teas. And I agree - a mindful tea drinking ritual is as important as the tea itself.

Judy said...

I am mostly a Lipton girl. Make a pot almost every morning. My Japanese daughter-in-law once showed me a tea ritual where everything including the way the cup is held was so special and soothing.

Economies of Kale said...

Wow, I'd never thought of growing tea. I have about 100 tea bags to use up, but after that I might look into it. Thanks :)

Unknown said...

I have to say my favourite tea in the ones who contain cinnamon and mint, i'm crazy abou this two savors so I'll just drink anything with them :)

Lili said...

Hi Cheapchick,
So you buy it in the large packs, too! That is the economical way to buy it.

Lili said...

Hi Sarah,
Thank you.
Those few minutes it takes to make the tea really slows things down, in a very good way.

Lili said...

Hi Judy,
Amazing how around the world, there is a ritual to tea. Welcome, Judy!

Lili said...

Hi RF,
Mmmm, both cinnamon and mint are delicious in tea. There are so many flavors of tea out there! Welcome, RF.

Jayne said...

What an absolutely gorgeous tea bag holder. I LOVE every aspect of it (from the fabric, to the pockets to the button). I'm an Earl Grey gal, especially with extra bergamot. Growing up with an Irish grandmother who believed in making strong then, steeping it all day, I learned to put lots of milk in the cup. With such a busy hectic schedule, I find tea drinking to often be the only calming thing in the day (so I do it often whenever possible, but the first cup is always the best!)

Lili said...

Hi Jayne,
Thank you! I agree -- that first cup of the day is always the best. I'm paying attention to the tea, at that point, and the flavors hit my palate more intensely than subsequent cups.

Unknown said...

Welcome Lili ;) I'll enjoy my stay for sure ;)

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