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Thursday, May 23, 2013

I finally got the tire with a slow leak repaired - Woo hoo!

So, no more adding air to the tire every few weeks. Yesterday morning, I just got fed up with doing that, and made getting the tire patched a priority.

As soon as I returned home from taking my daughters to school, I phoned the closest tire place (Discount Tire). They were open (and this was minutes after 8 AM). I drove right over and was the second person into the showroom. I'm glad I went right away, as the one thing I'd been dreading was the wait to have them fix the tire. They got my car in right away.

There was a nice enough sitting area, and it didn't smell of tires, as the showroom did. I already had a raging headache, and the tire smell in the showroom was nauseating me. I thought I'd treat myself to a cup of coffee across the parking lot. But as luck had it, they had a pot of coffee all set up. They also had a nice selection of magazines. I honestly couldn't decide which one to read first. I rarely read magazines. Its something reserved for doctor's and dentist's waiting rooms.

So, there I sat, reading my magazine, sipping my coffee, and actually had a pleasant break from daily work. 30 minutes later, they were done. We had driven over a screw. They popped it out and patched the tire. And they did all this for FREE -- my favorite price! So, I had a nice break, read a magazine, drank a cup of coffee and got my tire fixed, and none of it cost me a single penny.

Have you taken care of some nagging task lately? Didn't it feel great to just get it done and over with?


Sharon said...

Good for you! I have a minor auto repair that I've been putting off forever now. Uggghhh!!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! Such a great feeling. Today I am taking the car in for an oil change, which is overdue. It's windy and 49 degreesF here today so I am not missing anything outdoors. There is a Walgreens next door to the car shop so I plan to take advantage of the Lindsey olives and Kleenex sales.

Everyday Life On A Shoestring said...

I've got a slow leak too in one tyre that is going to need fixing some time. My niggly job for today is getting round to ordering some new printer cartridges - we've been overriding the 'ink running out' messages for ages, and finally got caught out. It took all of 5 minutes - why didn't I do it before!

Anonymous said...

I love taking our car for an oil change. Our repair shop/dealership has renovated its waiting area and it is more like an upscale coffee shop (complete with fancy coffee/tea and baked goods) than the stereotypical car repair shop. They even have a separate playroom for little ones. I feel pampered when I go there. :)

As for nagging tasks, that's all I've been doing lately. I'm frustrated because I did my professional competencies for work via my home computer and when I went to send it in it got "stuck" and I've had a hard time getting a response from our IT department ... so today I have to pursue that ... bleah.

BTW, this is from Kris--for some reason I can't submit this under "name" today--it keeps telling me that my "open ID" credentials don't work--thought you'd want to know ...

Cheapchick said...

Wow, great deal. I only get magazines at home if I can get them in a freebie so mostly in waiting rooms too. Same with movies on a plane - I bring my own earbuds so free as well.

Live and Learn said...

Last week I mailed some books to a friend that have been sitting around for a while. First I didn't have the right box, then I needed to write a letter. I made both of these bigger stumbling blocks than they needed to be. Today I got a very appreciative letter from the friend. I echo everyone else in saying, "Why didn't I do it earlier?"

Lili said...

Hi Sharon,
Good luck working up the motivation to take care of your car repair. I can tell you this, I felt so much relief taking care of mine. It's over, done and I don't have to think about it any more!

Lili said...

Hi Jen,
Good job! That's one of the next things on our list -- an oil change and tune-up. Great that you could also take advantage of sales while your car is being serviced. As they say, two birds . . .

Lili said...

Hi Sarah,
Good job getting the ink cartridges ordered. I know that feeling of why didn't I just do this sooner?!

I'm curious, in the UK, will tire places patch tires for free? My husband says it's pretty standard here in the US. The tire places want you to remember them and take your business back to them when you do need to buy new tires. Now if I'd known there'd be coffee, magazines and a decent waiting room I might have taken care of this months ago.

Lili said...

Hi Kris,
Sorry about the problems with commenting. Blogger has been giving me trouble today, too. I checked and reset my settings. It may just be a one time thing. But, if it ever happens again, feel free to use Anonymous and just sign your name at the end of the comment. that's not a problem. I've seen it done lots of times.

I want to go to your car place!! While I did get coffee, it wasn't gourmet by any standards. Baked goodies -- if only! But I did enjoy the magazines, and a real plus, the women's magazines appeared untouched.

Did you ever get your situation with your professional competencies sorted out? What a pain. I do hope it's all remedied now.

Lili said...

Hi Cheapchick,
So, it's been a long time since I've been on a plane with a long enough flight that there was a movie. But if you have your own earbuds, you can just plug them in and hear the movie? Do you need any special sort of plug on your earbuds? That is great to know. My lip-reading skills are a bit rusty.

Lili said...

Hi live and learn,
you hit the nail on the head when you said, "I made both of these bigger stumbling blocks than they needed to be." I think that is what I tend to do. In my head I imagine that "it's going to be soooo hard, and complicated, and take so much precious time". And then after I think "what was the big deal?"

I even do this with making dinner some nights. I imagine how time-consuming it's going to be. When if I just get myself into the kitchen and start in on it, I have dinner made soon-enough.

Good job getting those books in the mail!

Economies of Kale said...

I have been meaning to get my car serviced for ages, and just haven't got around to it. It is a bit of a pain since getting my car out of the garage involves moving two other cars belonging to my landlords (which is a great incentive not to drive unless necessary!). I need to just pick up the phone and book it in...

Lili said...

Hi Economies,
If this is any incentive to getting your car serviced, every time I have a tune-up on mine, I notice the read-out on MPG goes up about 1 whole mile per gallon, and I continue to get this improved fuel economy for about 2-3 months.

Good luck motivating yourself to take care of this. Are there any shops in the car repair area that you could also take advantage of for sales/bargains. If my tire was going to take longer than 30 minutes, my plan had been to hit up Dollar Tree for the things I needed from there. As it was, I just enjoyed the break from regular work.

Rita McCall said...

It was sure nice of them to do it for free, and have free coffee to boot! :) I feel you on those seemingly small problems that could be shelved for some other time. But I do set a day for them, usually on weekends, so that it doesn’t pile up too much and end up to be one big cluster of problems.

Lili said...

Hi Rita,
I know what you mean about leaving such tasks too long. Before I know it, I have a long list of things, and that in itself can be overwhelming.

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