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Friday, November 20, 2015

Needing 2 extra water goblets for Thanksgiving

It looks like we'll have 10 at Thanksgiving dinner, this year. I decided that this year, as we're all adults, now, no one would "have" to get a tumbler, when the rest of the group is using a water goblet. Putting a tumbler at a couple of places at the table always seemed like the "kiddie" glass.

So, I stopped at Goodwill, the other day. I could have bought water goblets, full-price at Cost Plus or Target. But for something we'll only use every once in a while, I thought I'd check Goodwill first.

69 cents each, for two water goblets, that I really love! They don't match my other water goblets, but then again, I'm not a matchy-matchy sort of gal. My table setting philosophy is blend, don't match. It works for me.


Cat said...

Those are really pretty! I'm sure they will enhance your table setting. :)

We had a set of 4 goblets I think we got when we were married. At one point, one broke, so we now have 3. So far, with my kids being younger, I have been subbing my stemmed pudding cups (purchased 8 of those used probably 10 years ago now) for the kids. Eventually, I'll probably look for some gently used larger stemware. For now, the kids consider it a special occasion when they get to use the pudding cups, LOL.

Lili said...

Hi Cat,
Well, that works! And the kids think it's special, so no need to change it yet.

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Goblets are so decorative I don't think they all need to be identical to blend well!! A few months ago, I was looking for a set of drinking cups for our grandkids. We only have mismatched sets so I wanted a few more nice cups. I finally decided on some clear mugs since these had a sturdy base and a handle, and not too heavy, like half size beer mugs. Often, I find better deals at Kmart and Sears using their reward points program, than at thrift stores. I recall paying about $2 for six mugs after promotional discounts. This week, I have been busy catching a lot of deals there, makes me wonder why they are giving away near free merchandise just to bring you in the store. Hope it doesn't mean bankruptcy soon. I have a few hundred dollars in points reward at stake, and some gift cards.


Lili said...

Good deal you found on the glassware set! Yeah, I wonder about Penney's and Kohl's, all of the $10 off any purchase coupons they send out. My only guess is that some folks must spend way above that $10, when they come in. I've got another $10 off coupon to use today, in fact!

have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

We don't have a Kohl's or Penney's here...those $10 off any purchase is a very nice coupon since you don't have to keep track of points being awarded correctly or short expiration dates. I seriously believe the ShopYourWay reward program for Kmart and Sears is designed (complicated and cumbersome) so the typical customer forfeits most of their expected savings. What seems to be 100% points back will likely end up being 100% full retail to most. The program has so many computer glitches on top of the already complicated program terms and conditions. Every deal has its own terms on top of that. But I am vigil and call customer service whenever I don't receive points as I should or have questions. I am NOT their typical customer lol

Have a great weekend too!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Lili,
I love those $10 Penney's & Kohl's coupons. I try & spend as little over the $10 as I can. Last week I had one for Penney's which is about a 3 minute drive form my house & I got hubby a St John's Bay henley shirt that was originally $30 on sale for $12.99 so I paid $2.99 & have a nice Christmas gift. I recently had one for Kohl's & found 2 pair of Chaps shorts for him that were originally marked $50 & on clearance for $5! So I got them both for free. Now I am trying to decide if I should give him them as Christmas gifts or if it is strange to give shorts at Christmas when it is winter time. So, maybe I will just be nice & give them to him now, or on second thought his birthday is in June so I could save them for then. I think you are right, most people must go in & spend way over the $10 to make up for the people like us!
I think your goblets are very pretty & I agree they do not need to match.

Lili said...

Hi Rhonda,
Great deals on the gifts for your husband! He'll love them, whether you give them to him now or later!

Have a great weekend, Rhonda!

Lili said...

YHF, I think it's safe to say neither of us are typical shoppers! LOL! Thank goodness there are lots of "typical" shoppers, though. In a sense, they are subsidizing our purchases.

Anonymous said...

Very pretty goblets, Lili. I agree on things not having to match, just blend, and I'm not sure I always accomplish that when I have a bigger group over. Sometimes I'm just happy that everyone has dishes to eat off of, as with a big extended family the holiday gatherings can get into 20 or more per side of the family.

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean...yesterday I stood in line to check out 8 packages of ramen (yup just that). It was on sale, 4/$1, I had $1.20 in surprise points for buying 8 packages, and paid the rest in points too (I did the same purchase the day before but for some reason the same surprise points reloaded the next day, same with some $10 off any shoe purchase that kept repeating a few weeks ago). A customer in front of me kept putting items along the checkout aisle into her basket as we stood in line. I thought Kmart lost money on my purchase but more than made up with her. The cashier asked her if she wanted to use her rewards card and she said no. Sorry to take this off topic, but as you can tell...bargain shopping is one of my hobbies.


Precious People Preschool said...

Pretty goblets;) I love dishes and stemware.I inherited some of our fancy dishes. I friend gave me all their crystal stemware they did not want it anymore .
I love using the stemware even for smoothies. It makes them taste better.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Live and Learn said...

Thrift stores are usually good places to buy glassware and I'm happy you found what you were looking for. I've been looking for stackable restaurant glasses that one of my sons wants. His brother got a set of 8 for fifty cents at a yard sale and he's hoping for the same thing. However, no luck so far, but lots of other drinking glasses.

Lili said...

Thank you, Mary. I completely relate to just having enough plates for a large gathering. When we host large lunches after church, it really doesn't matter that it's a mix of patterns/colors. We had a large soup lunch a few years ago, and it was at the last minute that I actually counted how many bowls we owned. I had just barely enough, and sighed in relief over that. I guess I would have just used mugs for the remainder of guests. But that moment had me a bit concerned.

Enjoy your weekend!

Lili said...

Thank you, Patti! Oh, lucky you! I guess people don't use things like nice stemware very much anymore. But I think you have a good point, to just get that stuff out and use it. I will do the same from now on! Thank you for that reminder.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend, Patti!

Lili said...

Hi live and learn,
Now that was a real deal your one son found on the glassware. I don't know if you have very many thrift shops in your area, but your other son may be able to piece together a set of glasses over time.

You're right, thrift shops are great for finding glasses, especially if you're not picky. It just happened the other day that I wasn't too picky, with exception to not wanting to spend very much for these extras. Prices can really vary, even within the same store. Goodwill had some generic looking goblets prices at $1.99 each. And then there were these for 69 cents each.

Have a great weekend, live and learn!

Anne in the kitchen said...

I tend to agree with you about the blend, not match theory. I have used pieces from up to 5 different sets of dishes at a time on tables when I have had larger dinner parties, plus sometimes I give everyone a totally different setting for a small party, just because.

Belinda said...

They look great and at a great price, Lili. I'm with you. I like that things don't always match. You should see the silverware we use everyday. We have some reaslly nice pieces, bought easily at thrift, yard sales and what not. They don't all match, but they are really nice.

Lili said...

Hi Anne,
That sounds like a fun table setting!

Lili said...

Hi Belinda,
Your silverware sounds lovely. I like that look of very nice, but not matching, a shabby-chic look.

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