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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Burgeoning spring?

I'm sorry. You're going to have to humor me these days. I'm afraid I'm a bit excited for spring, when it's still too cold to spend much time outdoors.

The hyacinth and grape hyacinth are up! I moved those potted bulbs from the garage floor, to the deck, yesterday. If we get a severe cold spell, I'll bring them in overnights. I need to get a plan together, quick, for when, where and how to transplant these beauties into the garden. Getting out my mental pen and paper as I write!

The tulips, daffodils and crocus are still burrowed deep in their pots of soil. Have no fear. I'll be sure to let you know when they pop through, too!

Any signs of spring where you are right now? (And in some places, signs of fall?)


Anonymous said...

Bulbs are starting to come up around Portland now. It is an exciting promise of spring to come!

Anonymous said...

How exciting to see the first signs of spring, in midst of cold season. This post reminds me how different our lives are. Not just the weather, but how much you value beauty in your life, and well, I don't so much. Recognizing differences whenever I see them, make me ponder. I think for me, I'm an idea person and I need to experiment with my ideas, hence frugality is a welcomed challenge and so is making things. Not so much beautiful things, but working out a new process. I would be perfect living in my own world of ideas. Nuff said.

Anyway, my frugal tip for today since we're etching pennies where we can.....cereal bags that come in the cereal boxes. My husband had the great idea of saving those bags, because they are very sturdy and somewhat see through. They make excellent freezer bags. Also I can use these as liners when freezing layers of bean patties for IQF, instead of wasting wax paper as I did before.


Anonymous said...

Free organic wheatgrass and radish sprout seed packets $3.99 value free with promo code.

It seems to work fine for everyone, but for me (Hawaii) the promo code doesn't work.


Lili said...

Hi Mary,
I know! I am hopeful that spring is right around the corner!

Lili said...

Those cereal (and cracker) box liners are great for freezing meat, too. When I buy large packages of meat and need to repackage into meal-sized amounts, I use those plastic bags that are inside boxes. Smaller ones (like from inside a cracker box) are also good for packing sandwiches to go, and they're sturdy enough to be rewashed, if just used for sandwiches (not raw meat).

Thanks for the tip on the sprouting seeds. I'll check that out!

Lili said...

Just tried the link, and the offer says it's expired. Bummer!

Kris said...

Um, spring ... not so much. It finally stopped snowing today (well, we are still getting flurries, but it is no longer accumulating). We have a good 2 feet on the ground, maybe more. We were able to take the kids sledding and snowshoeing over the MLK holiday so at least we are having fun with it. Honestly, spring isn't even on my radar right now. Maybe in a month. Overall, I like the snow ... thankfully, the bitterly cold temps are done for a few days (we are back in the 20s now, yay!). I would love to see the sun, though.

Glad you are enjoying watching your bulbs come up.

Live and Learn said...

Oh, I understand your excitement. Flowers coming up thrill me too. After a mild start to the winter, we have been having a cold January and are waiting for a blizzard and a couple of feet of snow this weekend. We'll see how it all turns out.

Belinda said...

No signs of spring here, but I do like your burgeoning bulb there. :)

EcoCatLady said...

Yes, yes, yes!!! The cold is finally loosening its grip on the Mile High City! We've actually been blessed with some warm weather recently ("warm" meaning in the 40's - but still...) Anyhow, I FINALLY got to go for a bike ride yesterday! It was cold, and muddy, and I had to get off and walk in a few spots where there was still too much ice to safely ride, but it was wonderful! C'mon spring!!!!

Lili said...

Hi Kris,
well, at least you like the snow! It does sound very, very cold there. A good day for a cup of cocoa.

Wishing sunshine for you soon!

Lili said...

Hi live and learn,
We've had the reverse, here. December was very cold. The frost built up so much that it began to look like we'd had snowfall. And now, January is seeing milder temps. I hope you are all set for hunkering down in the snowstorm. I also pray that this storm does not turn out to be so horrible, out there.

Lili said...

Hi Belinda,
No, probably not, with your snowfall, there! Spring will come soon enough, I'm sure.

Lili said...

Hi Cat,
Woo Hoo for the bike ride! What's a little mud, if you got a chance to get out on your bike in January!

Anonymous said...

Oh too bad...good promos don't last very long.

Yes so true, the best part is the bags can be rewashed and they look great for use again. Unlike rewashing ziplocs...they really start looking shabby. But nowadays, I reuse ziplocs until they are not airtight (tiny hole or zipper doesn't close well), then they are used to hold other things that don't need airtight quality. In my less frugal days, I thought disposable meant disposable, but not anymore.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I use cereal and cracker bags all of the time in place of baggies, and also as was said, I open them up and use them between layers of things I want to freeze in place of waxed paper.

Cat said...

Very cold here for us, which is typical of January. I do believe there is some new growth on my many iris plants, probably from our fairly warm December.

Lili said...

Hi Cat,
Hopefully your cold weather will begin to lessen, soon, right? January is coming near its end.
Have a great weekend!

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