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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

A tasty use for leftover cranberry sauce

The condiment with the ham is nothing more than whole berry cranberry sauce stirred with yellow mustard. I served this with ham the other night, and it was a hit. It's a sweet-tangy sauce, much like a honey mustard.

While I used yellow mustard, this would be yummy with Dijon mustard.

I blended about 1 part yellow mustard with 2 parts cranberry sauce.

It was delicious with ham, but would also be a good dipping sauce for chicken strips or pretzels.

A super simple use for leftover cranberry sauce.


Cat said...

Sounds delicious! Would you believe we almost never have leftover cranberry sauce? My kids love the stuff! But I could open a can just for this sometime.

Anonymous said...

That sounds yummy! I'll remember this the next time I have some cranberry sauce left over. We love sweet and tangy sauces at my house. A favorite Christmas Eve appetizer of ours is meatballs simmered in a mixture of chili sauce and grape jelly.

Have a great day!

Jayne said...

This "recipe" is a great reason for buying extra cranberries. Thank you for this yummy condiment.

Kris said...

Ha. I have an actual recipe for this. It's a turkey meatball recipe--on a bed of egg noodles, topped with cranberry sauce with Dijon mustard stirred in. My kids don't care for the cranberry sauce, which means more for hubby and me!

Lili said...

Hi Cat,
You know, I saw cans of cranberry sauce on markdown, yesterday. I still have several cans, so I didn't by any. We eat cranberry sauce, year round, here, too.

Have a great day, Cat!

Lili said...

Hi Angie,
I had meatballs, last week, in a strawberry jam sauce. They were delicious, so I can see how yummy a sauce of grape jelly and chili sauce would be!

I hope you day is off to a great start, too, Angie!

Lili said...

Hi Jayne,
you're welcome! It's very tasty, and easy as can be. I hope you enjoy it.

Have a great day!

Lili said...

Hi Kris,
Oh, that sounds delicious, and so easy! I'll remember this for meatballs made with turkey. And yes, all the more for you and your husband!

Have a great day, Kris!

Anonymous said...

I love honey mustard, one of my favorite dipping sauces with chicken nuggets when ordering at fast foods. Never tried making it myself. Thank you for the idea. I have a packet of honey sauce that came with our spiral ham, since I didn't use it as intended. It is still in the refrigerator (about 5 days), not sure whether I should throw it away. But now you have given me an idea, maybe I could use it with mustard to make a honey mustard sauce?

Always learning something new at your blog, and being encouraged to think outside the box!! Have a nice day!!


Lili said...

Oh yes, I'd use that packet. And any that doesn't get eaten right away, if you're concerned that it came in contact with the meat on the ham, freeze the leftovers, in small portions. It should be fine. Hams, themselves keep for several days after cooking, in the fridge, anyways. Sounds yummy to me!

have a great day, YHF!

Anonymous said...

On another note, I mentioned last year, if I recall correctly, that I spent less than the previous year, about 7K less. This year, we spent $7,445 less than last year again. So a total of about 15K less in the past two years. This is pretty much apple to apple comparison, because we have not made large purchases in any of the years. While we didn't go on our vacation this year, we partly gifted the forgone trip to our daughter so they could have a winter vacation with the family, and spent considerably more with our grandchildren throughout the year since we watched them more often. That said, there is still room for improvement in some key areas that I have identified, however, I have committed to helping our daughter with our grandson's college years, so maybe not. I don't want to take away their responsibility in providing for his tuition, etc. but we can be backup to ease the stress.


Lili said...

Good work, YHF! I know how important this is to you. You and your husband are doing some very generous things for your kids and grandkids. For our own kids, I know it's taking 3 generations to put them through university (grandparents, us and the kids's jobs plus scholarships). So that's a real blessing you're providing by helping with savings for college for your grandson. You're blessing your daughter as well as grandson.

Have a great day, YHF!

Precious People Preschool said...

Sounds yummy! We are not big ham eaters, but it would be good with chicken or turkey. Hope you are having a great 2017!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Lili:)
I am more than willing to sacrifice the LITTLE things in daily living, so our children and grandchildren can avoid taking out those monstrous, infamous student loans. My husband told me he didn't feel deprived one bit, and was surprised we were able to pare our expenses by that much without much pain and sacrifice. To save, I made sure nothing was overlooked. I invoked warranties (for two tablets that needed repair, lifetime faucet and tool replacement, etc), rebates, credit card perks, and all that humbug stuff, in addition to the everyday sales and coupons. A big help was SYWR points, but it was not without its own problems. The good thing with frugality is once the path is ironed out, it becomes easier to follow without having to relearn the wheel. Hopefully, as I age, I can still do most of it just by sheer habit.

Again, off topic, but I wish everyone could learn to be more frugal for the sake of avoiding debt.


Lili said...

Hi Patti,
Did you see Kris's comment above? She uses the same sort of sauce on turkey meatballs. It sounds very tasty! You might like that one.

we're onto the 5th day of 2017, already. Time is flying by! Have a great day, Patti!

Lili said...

YHF, it sounds like you're doing really well with adjusting your finances. I'm sure you'll continue to do well in the years ahead!

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