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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Continuing to Use Our Holiday Candles

Dinner by candle light is such a pleasant experience. This time of year, the dinner hour is quite dark, outside. A little candle light is warm and welcoming.

These are the tapers that were on our New Year's dining table. While they are mostly burned, they still have some burning time left,  for my family's enjoyment. Instead of putting the candles aside (or worse yet, throwing them out), we've been continuing to use them, singly, on the kitchen table at dinnertime.

Dining by the light of these leftover candles is a lovely experience. It puts something to use that might otherwise not get used. And it saves us a bit of money on the electric bill by not using the overhead light during dinner.


Anonymous said...

I love candlelight in winter! To me, a flickering candle light gives my house a warm and cozy feel. And as you said, dining by candle light makes the meal feel extra special.

When I'm shopping, I always look for marked down candles, so I have a good supply of votive, tapers, and pillars. Last January at Kohl's, I found 3 inch pillar candles on clearance for $0.70 each. They were juniper berry scent...or something like that. I saved those for burning this winter, and we have really enjoyed the scent.

I always have a candle lit in my kitchen at night. After I've cleaned up from supper, we sit together in the living room. I've noticed that as long as I have a candle lit in the kitchen, no one turns on the lights if they go in there to get a drink, put a dish away, etc. So, I guess it does save a bit of electricity, as well as being welcoming.

Hope your week is going well!

Lili said...

Good morning, Angie!
I do, too! I sometimes light a candle in the afternoon, in the kitchen where I'm working, just to enjoy it, even though no one else is home.

Those juniper candles sound like they have a lovely, winter aromatic scent. Your evening routine must be so welcoming!

My week is off to a good start, thank you. I hope yours is, as well, Angie! Have a great day!

Reginas Cottage said...

dear lili,
i love candlelight.....i use candles in the morning,when it's dark and in the evening.
hugs regina

Lili said...

Hi Regina,
That sounds so lovely at your house, to have candles lit in the morning and evening.
Have a wonderful day, Regina!

Anonymous said...

I also enjoy burning candles, especially in the darker months. They create such a nice atmosphere, and the winter scents like cinnamon or balsam are very pleasant to me.

TG said...

Love the ways others use candles.
On Saturday we hosted a birthday party.
I love candles and my dining room had them all over. Tea lights were in many containers. As the evening progressed and we sat talking in this room the lights would burn out. I have kept other half burnt out ones in a container in a cupboard. Think I moved through most of these spares refilling candle holders
Through the night.
I know on Brandy's blog ( the Prudent Homemaker) other commenters have mentioned how they use almost burnt out candles and repurpose the wax into emergency candles with tightly wound cardboard in cans with lids.

Lili said...

Hi Mary,
Mmm, I love the fragrance of balsam. I think I need to go light a candle! So much joy from such a simple thing.
Have a great day, Mary!

Lili said...

Hi Teresa,
How lovely and welcoming your event sounds! I'm sure this was appreciated by your guests.

I save the last of used candles to make floating candles to use on the patio in summer. I have a container full of candle remnants calling me to do another batch of patio candles.

Thanks for that info about making emergency candles. I'll check those out. A few years ago, our church was disposing of Christmas Eve candles, at a moment when I was present. I did take a handful to use as emergency candles. They'er smaller in diameter than tapers, so are best just used in emergencies.

I hope you're having a lovely day, Teresa!

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