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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Survey on Quick and Easy Suppers

Humor me one more time, please. So, in my class, I have to execute one more survey, to familiarize myself with another web product. However, this time I can choose my topic, and there were no limitations. Since I really do not like asking someone to do something from which they will not receive any benefit, I tailored this survey to one of our collective interests: saving money while preparing inexpensive, home-cooked meals.

As far as survey products go, this one has a more attractive appearance than the last one. It feels easy to navigate on the respondents end, too. Both of those are important features, I think. Let me know in the comments, on my blog, what you think, or if you have trouble with the form. I don't know how well this will work, embedded on this blog; and I won't know until this becomes active.

And if you don't have time right now, or your mobile device doesn't support this survey, no worries. I only need a handful of guinea pigs participants.  Some time next week, I'll post a compilation of the results. Maybe we can all take something away from this, in the form of idea exchange.
Have a lovely Wednesday!


Alice said...

cute survey, kind of fun to play a little. I like that we can see previous responses!


Jayne said...

I agree with Alice that it was a cute and enjoyable-to-do survey. the questions were interesting too, and I appreciated the additional wording for some of the questions.

Unknown said...

I enjoyed participating in this. My input may not make a lick of difference to anyone but I appreciated thinking about these ideas. Oh, how I love your blog, Lili!

Anonymous said...

Fun! Eggs were a real winner it seems.

Kris said...

The right side of the survey was also cut off for me. I agree, fun to see everyone's responses. I wasn't sure how to answer the "how much time to serve dinner" as my schedule varies daily. :)

Kathryn K. said...

Right side of the survey was cut off so I couldn't take it (tried both Chrome and Firefox browsers on my laptop).

Lili said...

Hi Kris,
Sorry this took me so long this morning, I had to figure how to shrink the thing. Anyway, it's available now in a smaller version, if you're interested. Thank you for trying, though. Have a great day!

Lili said...

Hi Kathryn K,
Thank you for trying, though. I appreciate it. I have adjusted the size now, in case you wanted to contribute answers. I think it should fit most browsers. Have a great day!

Lili said...

Hi Alice,
It's fun to read everyone's responses. It's all anonymous, so I don't know who contributed what answers, but it's fun to read. Thank you for participating. Have a great day, Alice!

Lili said...

Hi Jayne,
Some of the questions just give us an idea of what everyone is working with, like time-frame for making dinner, or vegetarian vs meat-eater. I thought the really interesting questions were what to keep on hand, and what one dish do people make when pressed for time. I'm looking forward to putting all of the answers together in a meaningful format. Thank you for participating. Have a wonderful day, Jayne!

Lili said...

Hi Connie,
Everybody's input makes a difference! I learn from people that I never would have guessed had anything to teach me. So, here, where we share common goals and ideas, of course I'll be able to learn from one of us. Don't sell your input short! You're a valuable teacher, to me and others. Thank you for participating. Have a wonderful day, Connie!

Lili said...

Hi Jen,
Yes, eggs popped into many people's minds, as their first entry. They are easy, versatile and great for a crowd or one person -- pre-portioned. I'm looking forward to putting the responses together into a post. Thank you for participating. Have a lovely day, Jen!

Kris said...

I was able to figure it out and respond. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for another fun survey. Now that you've learned this technology, could you use it, at need, on your blog? I always find survey results interesting.

Have a nice day!!


EcoCatLady said...

The survey worked perfectly for me (I'm using Microsoft Edge). Can't wait to hear what everybody says!

Anonymous said...

Very interesting to read the other comments, especially on the ingredients. I was like oh I should have added that one too!
Melody in OR

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