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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Cucumber Water

Last week I drank copious amounts of cucumber-lemon water. It was delicious and the perfect thirst-quencher when hot. Yesterday, I made a quart for myself. I didn't have a lemon at home, but do have cucumbers. I took about 1-inch of the end of a cucumber (including the stem bit that I would normally toss), and sliced it very thin to expose as much surface of the cucumber as possible. I dropped the cucumber slices into a glass, one-quart jar (glass is important) and filled with filtered water from the fridge. The water picked up the cucumber flavor within minutes.

When I am done with this one-inch section of cucumber I'll puree it into a vegetable drink. Nothing wasted.


Belinda said...

Sounds good and refreshing, Lili. :)

Live and Learn said...

It's interesting that I like cucumbers and will eat them for refreshment on a hot day, but I don't like my water flavored that way. But it's a great, inexpensive way to spruce up a drink if you do.

Alice said...

I tried the flavored water a few years ago and I've decided I much prefer the plain water. But thank you for the ideas, as I might try them when I serve dinner when we only serve water. Just for a test.


Matt Macduff Family said...

Mmmm. You reminded me how much I like cucumber infused water. I haven't made any this summer. I will do so today! Melissa

Lili said...

I really enjoyed it all last week, and now am enjoying at home. Have a great day, Belinda!

Lili said...

Hi live and learn,
to each his own. If it gets me to drink more water, then it's a good thing for me. Have a great day, live and learn!

Lili said...

Hi Alice,
While Seattle is known for having good-tasting water, I am picky about water flavor. I love spring water, but don't want to spend money for it. This is a good alternative for me. I'm glad you discovered that you simply like water better of it's plain. Have a great day, Alice!

Lili said...

Hi Melissa,
Good, I'm glad I could serve as a reminder. I figure that the cucumbers have some nutrients that they add to the water, so this is marginally better than plain water. Have a great day, Melissa!

Anne in the kitchen said...

I love cucumber water. Sometimes I add a little slice of ginger, lemon and mint to it also. So refreshing!

Kris said...

I've been reading a book called the Acid Watcher's Diet (about managing reflux). The physician who wrote it talks about all the acid in our modern diets (often in places we wouldn't necessarily suspect ... and, sadly, with many healthy foods I love) and has a diet plan to make your esophagus healthy and then a maintenance plan. In the strict diet plan, he only allows water to drink, but you can flavor it with watermelon or cucumber. Your post reminded me of that.

Jayne said...

Lili, thank you for the reminder about flavoured water. I was making it a lot at the start of summer, but somehow that stopped for no particular reason. Now, thanks to you, I just made a tall glass of lemon-balm flavoured water. MMM, so delicious. thank you, thank you!

Lili said...

Hi Anne,
the water I had last week also had lemon, which was very nice. If I pick up a lemon in the next week, I'll add some thin slices. Ginger and mint sounds good, too. Have a great day, Anne!

Lili said...

Hi kris,
very interesting. I also read that cucumber water has something in it that may inhibit the development of soft tissue cancer, like prostate and breast cancer. But I would guess you would need enormous amounts of cucumber water for that effect. In any case, it has to be at least marginally better than water, with small amounts of cucumber nutrients leaching into the water. Watermelon sounds very nice. Maybe a good use for trimmed away rinds. Have a great day, Kris!

Lili said...

Hi Jayne,
your welcome for the reminder. Lemon balm water sounds delicious and refreshing. All of these flavored waters are such a great way to make ordinary tap or well water taste more interesting (and in some cases, better) at minimal cost. Have a great day, Jayne!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the idea. I have never heard or thought of cucumber water, but I will certainly remember to try the next time we have cucumbers. Funny how our bounty crop of cucumbers suddenly turned bad last year. I'm sure my husband doesn't want to try that vegetable anytime soon. He said he'll grow only what survives, this year collard greens seem to be the hardiest survivor in our garden. It's interesting about cucumbers and cancer prevention. I think there is that relationship with watermelon rinds too. We love to stir fry steamed watermelon rinds Thai style. Thank you so much for suggesting steaming the rinds first. Freezes so well once steamed.

Have a wonderful day!!


Lili said...

Hmm, collard greens. Collard water doesn't sound terribly appealing. I understand your husband's lack of enthusiasm to try growing something again that previously performed poorly.

I'm glad the freezing watermelon rind is working well for you. And yes, I read that watermelon had the same anti-cancer benefit as cucumber. Have a great evening, YHF!

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