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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Don't You Just Love Free Piles?

One evening this past summer, I was driving out to pick up my daughter from her bus when I spied a nice-looking, very large basket on the ground. This corner of our neighborhood is known as the "free pile corner." It sits adjacent to the little library box (which is also awesome) and is known to have some good free stuff. The large basket caught my eye. I could tell there were more items; however, it was dark, and I didn't have time to stop.

After collecting my daughter, we decided to grab that basket, then check the rest of the pile. Oh, the free pile was awesome! In addition to this great big basket, there was a large flashlight (with functioning battery), a Sony portable radio, a pair of glass candlesticks, multiple candles (pillar and taper), a bunch of cleaning supplies, and some other stuff that we didn't need. We took all of the above-described items with us. When we got home, I discovered that amongst the cleaning supplies, that there was an almost full bottle of Mrs. Meyer's Lemon Verbena spray, toilet cleaner, and window cleaner.

I am most thrilled by the Mrs. Meyer's spray as it makes the bathroom or kitchen smell so nice when I'm using it. The candles had all been previously burned, somewhat. But, you know, who cares about that, really. It's not like we're going to be eating them. Previously-used candles for free is great. (One daughter has been using the pillar candles when she takes luxurious baths.) The radio, flashlight, and glass candlesticks will be nice to have. And the basket has become the catchall kitchen basket. We actually have room for a large basket on the floor near the kitchen table. So, when I'm clearing the table of clutter (usually the junk mail that I still need to sort), I can pop it all into the basket. Our kitchen table is reclaimed for dining.

I am saddened that with the rainy weather comes an end to the free piles. Until next summer. . .


  1. Oh, how neat that you were able to get so many free items, Lili. I love free piles and we've gotten several free things this summer

    1. Hi Belinda,
      Oh, I'm so glad for you, too! The free piles are a source of frugal fun.

  2. I live near a major university in PA, after the students leave in May you can't imagine all the items they leave behind! If it's on a curb, it free for the taking. I've had people find bed frames, tables, chairs, and flat screen tv's. It would cost more for a student to ship the item home than it would be to replace it next year. It's a shame but, like the old saying, "one man's trash is another man's treasure!".

    Have a wonderful day Liii


    1. Hi Shelby,
      Wow, it sounds like some amazing finds in your area! I have seen several TVs by the side of the road this summer. They've been the old style, big back section TVs. One of them, though, had a built-in DVD player. My daughter snagged it so she can watch DVDs in her room. Like you said, "one man's trash. . ."
      Have a wonderful evening, Shelby!


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