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Sunday, March 17, 2019

Cookies and Cream Birthday Cake

Today is my daughters' birthday.  One of the ways that I show them my love is to bake a special birthday cake. This year's cake is mostly about taste and texture, and less about beauty. I gave a lot of thought to what kind of cake to make for them. One daughter really loves Oreo cookies, and the other loves cookies and cream ice cream. So, the logical choice for this year's cake was a cookies and cream cake.

I had a white cake mix in the pantry, along with plenty of cocoa powder and confectioner's sugar. The only ingredient that I needed to buy was 1 package of Oreo-type cookies, which I found at Walmart for just under $2.

Once home, I mixed the cake mix according to package directions, then folded in 12 crushed cookies. I left some kind of large chunks, as you can see in the split cake. The cakes baked in slightly less time than the mix instructions suggested.

After baking, I cooled the cakes, then split each so that I would have a 4-layer cake. Between the layers is the dark chocolate frosting which also is glopped onto the top of the cake to hold the cookie "garnishes." The dark chocolate frosting is simply a homemade, cocoa powder buttercream frosting.

After the layers were assembled, I frosted the sides and top with a cookies and cream frosting -- a vanilla buttercream frosting into which 12 crushed cookies are folded. I used a baggie with a corner cut out to pipe globs of dark chocolate frosting on the top, after which I placed a half cookie into each chocolate blob around the edge, and 1 whole cookie in the center. To finish the sides, I took some cookie pieces and crushed them finely with a rolling pin in a bag. I then scooped up the cookie crumbs, and pressed them onto the sides of the cake. The crumb finish kind of hides any messiness of the cookies and cream frosting. I'm hoping this will be a hit tonight.


Live and Learn said...

There's no way that won't be a hit! Looks delicious and just the kind of cake I would want. Happy Birthday to your daughters.

Lynn said...

Oh my goodness, that looks so delicious!Sure to be a hit. I would have never thought to "gussy up" a mix in a way that would result in a bakery style cake. Learn from you all the time. I have all of the ingredients for this cake as well in my pantry. May just have to try it for the next special occasion. Thank you for the inspiration and a very happy birthday to your girls!

Unknown said...

That looks delicious! Today was my sons birthday and he wanted a giant chocolate chip cookie baked in a pizza pan (his brother also wanted it for his birthday last month, so its been a hit.)Very simple and quick to make, but most times I try to go with something fancier like what you made. Either way, they're both economical and tasty😊

Linda M said...

How could it not be a hit!! Gorgeous and so appetizing! I, too, learn so much from you!! You may be on a tight budget, but successfully do things to make sure your family feels like royalty. I applaud you!

Kris said...

Oh, now, that's just not fair. How am I supposed to lose weight when I see a picture like that??? :) Your daughters will love their birthday cake.

Lili said...

Thank you, live and learn. It went over well!

Lili said...

Thank you, Lynn. It turned out really well and was not hard to do (which is always a plus). This cake has me thinking that a lot of goodies could be baked into cake mixes for a surprise once it's cut.

Lili said...

Hi Trina,
what a fun idea for your sons' birthdays! I would love a giant cookie myself. I used to drool over the ones at the Mrs. Field's stand at the mall. Great idea and one I'll surely follow sometime!

Lili said...

Hi Linda,
thank you. I know people talk about love languages in the sense of how they feel loved, but I think we all have love languages in how we express love. Doing special things for my family is how I express love.

Lili said...

Hi Kris,
oops, sorry if this photo sidetracked any diet plans for the day. I should have posted photos of carrot and celery sticks! The cake did go over well, I'm happy to say.

Alice said...

Looks delicious! I no longer make special cakes for birthdays mostly because none of the kids are home for their birthdays anymore. I remember the days, though, when they were young making special cakes. I even bought a book one time so I could make kid friendly cakes. Maybe someday if I have grandkids I will make cakes again.

Anonymous said...

I admire your effort to make special occasions "special". I do agree, your daughters must know how much they are loved when you make their day memorable, with a homebaked cake and home gourmet burgers. You do so much for your family. I don't put much effort in the kitchen, but I do give lots of my 2c, and worry about everything. I hope my husband and and children see it as love lol

Is it their 23rd? Happy Birthday!!


Lili said...

Hi Alice,
The cookbook that you bought sounds fun, and probably was the source of a lot of great birthday cake ideas for your family. Someday with grandkids, you'll be creating new memories for the next generation. My mom had a similar book in the 1970s, that I have now. Just glancing through it brings back a lot of wonderful memories.

Lili said...

I believe that your husband, kids, and grandkids do indeed see what you do for them as your love. Just from what I know of you, here, I can see that you've made lots of wonderful memories for your grandkids.
Very close guess. They turned 24. I'll pass on the good wishes!

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