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Saturday, May 11, 2019

A Quick and Inexpensive May Gift

This is a gift for a daughter of some friends. It was quick to make and used items that I had on hand: strawberries (bought for Mother's Day), dipping chocolate, a clean fast food paper tray, gold spray paint, and a paper doily.

The clean and unused fast food tray was white with a red basket-weave pattern, and looked more like it should have fries in it. So, I grabbed my can of gold spray paint and gave the bottom and outside a couple of coats. I then lined it with a paper doily. I think it looks nice enough for a small gift.

I selected the biggest, nicest-looking berries from the batch that I bought this morning and washed then dried them thoroughly. Next, I dipped them in melted candy-coating milk chocolate, then drizzled with a tiny bit of melted white chocolate. 4 large strawberries used 1 ounce of dipping milk chocolate and 1/4-ounce of white dipping chocolate.

I wrapped the tray of dipped berries in plastic wrap then placed them in a clear cellophane bag, which I tied with a deep red ribbon.

I think this would also make a lovely and inexpensive Mother's Day gift, should anyone be looking for a last-minute idea.


Live and Learn said...

It's all in the presentation which you nail every time. Lovely.

Making Cents Of It All said...

They look delicious.

Lynn said...


Cat said...

Beautiful! And tasty, I'm sure. Good job working with what you had.

Alice said...


We made our mother's a Dutch favorite among the older ladies crowd. It is a custard like dessert that is made with eggs, sugar, brandy and vanilla. It is called Advocaat and often served with whipped cream. Just a small serving of maybe a 1/4 cup with a healthy serving of whipped cream. Some store bought Advocaat is thin and should be sipped but other types are thick and use a small spoon to eat it. We made the very thick kind and presented it to our mother's with the whipped cream in a can.


Kris said...

Those look better than some "professional" ones I've seen. I'd be thrilled with that as a gift, as I'm sure the recipient was.

I was practical with gifts for my mom this year. She is now in assisted living where space is limited, as are her needs. I spotted some fancy straws on clearance last week, so I bought her those (she loves to drink out of a straw), plastic tableware that looks real (from the dollar store--she doesn't have a kitchen, but does have a fridge, and sometimes the need for table service comes up), and hand soap from JoAnn's. Gifts are tricky at this stage in her life so I'm glad I could come up with those ideas.

Allie said...

Alice, your Advocaat sounds lovely!! Is this something like a thicker eggnog? Would love your recipe, if you wouldn't mind sharing it!

Alice said...

It is like a thick eggnog! The recipe comes from


Lili said...

Thank you!
I made some extras, and wow, I love the flavors of berries with chocolate together. I hope the young woman that we gave these to enjoyed them.

Lili said...

Thank you.

Lili said...

Thanks, Lynn!

Lili said...

Thank you, Cat. That is the challenge these days, working with what I have.

Lili said...

Hi Alice,
That sounds delicious. I can imagine how pleased your mothers were with this as a gift. Wonderful!

Lili said...

Hi Kris,
I know what you mean about the challenges of gift-giving for an older adult. There is only so much someone in assisted living actually needs. Mostly they need the gift of our company, when we can offer it. I think you found wonderful gifts for your mom.

Allie said...

Thanks!! :D

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