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Sunday, May 5, 2019

Fred Meyer House Brands for Senior and Military Discount Days

This coming Tuesday (first Tuesday of the month) is Senior Discount day at Fred Meyer, where a 10% discount on Fred Meyer brand groceries is offered to those who are 55 years old or older. This post is for those of us, here, who want to use this shopping discount to its fullest.

Fred Meyer (and its parent company Kroger) has many brands that they consider amongst their house brands, and for which they extend the 10% discount on one day per month to the 55+ crowd. Some of these are obvious, but a few are more obscure.

Here's what I've come up with so far, and what I've bought in each brand:

  • wide variety of groceries
Fred Meyer
  • wide variety of groceries
  • canned biscuit dough
  • butter (now replaced with Simply Moovelous)
  • flour tortillas
  • saltine and oyster crackers
  • white rice
  • frozen fish sticks
  • facial tissue
  • chocolate chips (haven't seen in a while)
  • butter
  • cheese
One of the Perks
  • instant coffee
  • decaf and regular tea bags
  • powdered coffee creamer
Smidge & Spoon
  • granulated sugar
  • distilled white vinegar
  • imitation vanilla flavoring
  • various seasonings in the spice aisle, most priced at $1
Heritage Farms (note: the Heritage Farms fresh chicken parts, in with other fresh meat, have not qualified for the discount for me)
  • meat hot dogs and smoked sausage
  • lunch meat
  • sliced bacon
Simple Truth
  • a wide variety of organic and natural foods, including milk and alternative milks, cheese, canned vegetables, packaged snacks, packaged meats, and packaged produce. As with the Heritage Farm brand of fresh meat, the Simple Truth fresh meats may not qualify for the discount. But I have received the discount on the cartons of soy and almond milk in this brand.
Mountain Dairy
  • milk, heavy whipping cream, half and half
Private Selection
  • a wide variety of premium foods, including frozen items like appetizers, cooked meats, crackers, bread, packaged deli items found near the deli, pure maple syrup, seasonings, and more. This is the brand of pure maple syrup that I buy when I have a high value coupon to stack with the Senior discount, usually in the fall months.
Good to Dough (The quality is like Wonder Bread -- fluffy and soft.)
  • sliced bread
  • hamburger and hot dog buns
Hemisfares (I've not tried any of these products.)
  • premium imported pasta and sauces, olive oil, coffee, and smoked salmon
Home Sense
  • dishwashing detergent (both auto and hand), bleach, spray cleaners, furniture polish
  • facial and bathroom tissue
  • sandwich and storage bags, foil, plastic wrap, plastic storage containers
  • disposable picnic supplies
  • garbage bags
Big K
  • soda pop in cans and 2-liters
Office Works
  • copy/print paper
  • envelopes
  • white glue, tape
  • assorted desk supplies
  • dog and cat food
Check This Out
  • paper towels, napkins, and paper plates
  • bathroom tissue
  • liquid hand dishwashing detergent, bleach
  • baby food, toddler snacks, electrolyte drinks, pediatric nutritional supplement shakes, purified water, formula
  • diapers, training pants, wipes, baby shampoo, baby wash, petroleum jelly, baby powder, baby oil, diaper rash ointment, hand sanitizer
  • feeding accessories, such as bottle brushes, feeding spoons, nursing pads, breast milk storage bags
  • digital thermometers, baby nail clippers
  • ground and whole bean coffee in bags
  • cat food and litter
  • dog food and dog toys
  • flea and tick applications
Nature's Song
  • bird seed and squirrel food
Pet Pride
  • cat food and litter
  • dog food and treats
  • dog leashes, toys
  • flea applications for cats and dogs
  • punch in 1 gallon jugs
Turkey Hill
  • ice cream
  • iced tea
Vita Bee
  • nutrient-dense, whole grain sliced bread
Everyday Living
  • a variety of small kitchen utensils and household items
In addition to Senior Discount day, Fred Meyer also extends the same 10% discount one day per month (different from Senior Day) to members of the military, their families, and veterans with id. The details of the Military Discount are the same as the Senior Discount. Details can be found at this page on's website.


  1. There really is a lot to choose from for store brands. We don't have any Kroger's or affiliates here. However, when I have lived where they have been, I have liked them.

    1. Hi live and learn,
      I think the days of a single house brand for a store are gone, maybe due to all of the acquisitions and mergers.
      I've been mostly impressed with Fred Meyer for the 30 years that we lived in this area. I hope that other Kroger stores enjoy the same reputation for customer service and good prices.

  2. Hi, Lili, and thanks for the comprehensive list. Having lived in both Freddy's areas and Ralph's areas, I'm familiar with lots of these brands, but only realized some were house brands. Growing up, my family always bought national brands, but when out on my own with a limited budget, I learned to check out the off brands -- and sometimes found that they were as tasty or tastier! Why pay more? I'm keeping your family in my thoughts and prayers, and have been impressed with your budget-stretching so far. Great food on a tight budget! Hang in there! Love, Sara

    1. Hi Sara,
      I have found the same thing -- some house brands taste better to me. And I've been shocked by a few name brands that aren't that great to me.
      Thank you so much for thinking of me right now. That means a lot to me.

  3. So these "brands" are unique to the store Fred Meyer or Kroger, right? I don't recognize any of the brands.

    But I agree with Sara that store brands and other off brands can very much be tastier than name brand products. We find that a lot at Aldi. That store is more and more becoming my store of choice. First, the rotation is frequent because so many buyers come in that there is never an outdated product, second, the taste of their brand is very good, and third, the prices are so much better than a big store.


    1. Hi, Alice --

      What an important point about turnover in grocery stores. This is a big deal in some places we have shopped. Lower traffic means older products, and even a very careful store can sometimes miss an outdated product now and then. Even if they're very good about exchange/refund, it's a hassle and waste of time and effort. It means, as a shopper, you have to be so much more vigilant.

      Best-- Sara

    2. Hi Alice,
      I hope that someday Aldi moves out west. I hear so many great things about their stores and products. I'm glad that you have them as a shopping option in your area.


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