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Thursday, May 16, 2019

Would You or Wouldn't You?

I'd love it if you'd weigh in on what you would do and why. Would you save white tissue gift wrap for the purpose of draining cooked meat or fried foods?

Some very lovely friends of ours gave me a beautiful Mother's Day gift, and it was wrapped in several layers of white tissue wrapping paper. I saved the non-torn sheets to reuse for gift wrap of my own. However, I still have several sheets of slightly torn tissue. I'm thinking of using this to drain fried foods or cooked ground beef.

My reservations: first, that it wouldn't perform well for this use (bits of paper might get stuck to foods); and second, it's pure white, which means it was bleached. Would it concern you that dioxins from the bleaching process might contaminate foods as they're draining?

Or should I just compost the slightly torn sheets? I already composted the mostly torn sections.

What are your thoughts?


Cat said...

No, both for your reasons, and because who knows what it touched, and then it would be touching my food. Same reason I wouldn't use a brown paper bag though I've heard that some do.

Live and Learn said...

I think composting is the best idea. Besides the concerns of chemicals and germs, I don't think it would perform well--too thin, not absorbent. However, a quick Google search found several sites that said to use it. Good luck.

Kris said...

I don't think I'd do it based on the lack of absorbency ... MY quick Google search came up with people questioning the safety of toilet paper and facial tissues, and that's just more stress than my brain can take right now!

Cheryl said...

No for the same reason as others. Who or what touched that tissue. Same for brown paper bags, if you use the inside what germs are on the cans or food that you're laying that food on.

Anonymous said...

I use newspapers to wrap produce in the fridge, and have also used it to line under a paper towel for additional absorbency draining fried foods. So my answer is probably no since I already use a free paper source. I would keep the tissue for collaging. I would paint or ink the tissue, then tear and glue over a collage. I love creating something out of junk.

Have a good day,

VanessaKC said...

If you place the fried foods on cooling racks with the paper beneath, not in direct contact, it’d be fine for grease absorption.

Anne in the kitchen said...

I would not let it come in direct contact with my food because you just don't know what the paper making process was. I would recycle it.

CTMOM said...

As I read the post, I immediately envisioned bits of white paper stuck to food, so no, I would not use to drain food. Recycle is what I'd do.

CTMOM said...

Could you cut into narrow strips to use to fill a gift bag???

Alice said...

I just drain the fat off meat through a sieve into a glass bowl, let it cool slightly then pour into a disposable container (milk jug, salsa jar, peanut butter jar) and I do end up putting that in the trash once it is full. Not the best thing to do but it cannot be put into the composting. So I end up throwing a jug of fat away once in a while. Any ideas on how to rid this from the trash? I would love to hear it.

I wouldn't use tissue wrap paper for food either.


Kris said...

We do the same, Alice. I use paper toweling to drain bacon but we don't eat bacon much. I've always wondered if someone has a better solution.

Belinda said...

I read all the comments and I don't think I would do it either after reading them. I like Carol's idea of shredding them for gift bagss.

Lili said...

Thanks for your input. I used some of it already. I used it to wipe out a greasy skillet before washing it. The tissue was surprisingly durable for wiping out a skillet.

Lili said...

Hi Alice,
for meat fat, 2 thoughts come to mind. 1) use some of the fat in cooking (which means you'd want to store fat in the freezer in containers according to what kind of fat), or 2) use the fat, smeared on sheets of paper, as fire starters for a charcoal grill or wood fire ring.

Lili said...

good idea to use in gift bags!

Making Cents Of It All said...

I use brown paper bags that food comes in. My son works at Panera and is always bringing home leftover bagels, bread and pastries. I cut the bags up and use them. They work great. My mom uses newspaper with 1 paper towel over it for fried foods. That is what her mom did.

Lili said...

I remember newspaper being a common paper for draining fried foods. Covering with paper towels would at least separate the food from the news ink.

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