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Monday, May 28, 2012

S'Mores indoors

yes, the chocolate pieces are little bunnies
I bought a few bags of Easter chocolate on clearance
 just for s'mores and chocolate chunk cookies
If storms move the party indoors this Memorial Day, don't let the fun end. When we don't have a fire in the firebowl outside (for whatever reason), and we still want s'mores, we make s'mores indoors.

We have 3 ways to move the s'mores party inside.

Microwave s'mores
Place 1 marshmallow on 1 graham cracker square and microwave on HI, in 10 second increments, until puffy. Proceed with chocolate and remaining graham cracker square

Stovetop s'mores
You can toast your marshmallow on a metal skewer, on either an electric or gas stove. On electric, turn burner to HI and hold marshmallow on skewer over burner. On gas, turn flame to MED and hold marshmallow over flame. Once toasted, proceed with s'mores.

Broiler s'mores
Place bottom graham cracker squares on a baking sheet. Place 1 marshmallow on each graham square. Put baking sheet in oven under broiler set on HI BROIL. Watch closely as they will burn quickly. Remove from oven when marshmallow is toasted and puffy. Proceed with s'mores.

Of all 3 methods, obviously the microwave version is the safest for kids to do themselves. Use caution when toasting over the stove and oven broiling.

For more on s'mores, see here

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