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Monday, May 28, 2012

Preventing the proliferation of pantry pests in flour and grain

Many of us bake a good deal. Which means, we are also buying a lot of flour and grains.  With warmer weather here, now is the time to take action against pantry moths and weevils. For those of you buying flour and grains (this is true for things like rice, barley, quinoa, too -- see note below) in bulk, here's a link with basic instructions for preventing the proliferation of pantry pests in your home.

*note* I had a moth problem with brown rice a year ago.  I wound up fishing out all the live moths I could see, freezing the all the rice in plastic containers, then fishing out all the dead moths. The moths come to the surface of the freezing grain in attempts to escape, so it was very easy to find them. Fortunately I caught this before they became a big problem. My advice, freeze grains when you first get them home from the store.  You'll avoid this whole mess by doing so.

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