Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Random good stuff for the day

by Lili Mounce

Some days I notice the good stuff more than other days. Here are just some random things that put a smile on my face yesterday.

These roses -- perfectly in bloom. I cut two sprays and brought them into the kitchen where we'll all receive enjoyment just admiring their beauty.

A free short, Bold Pick of the Day and a cheese danish at Starbucks for me, a grande chocolatey chip frapp for my daughters (they asked for an extra cup and shared the one large drink). The short at Starbucks is not listed on their menu, but it's smaller (and cheaper) than the other sizes. The Bold Pick of the Day, is always excellent. Typically, I'll drink almost half of it black, then add half and half and raw sugar, to the rest, for an extra good cup of coffee.

These treats were free to us, as I used a gift card, given as a thank you gift from our church's MOPS group, for babysitting this past year.

Driving up to the house, and seeing the beautiful job that the Hubs and son did on our driveway. So nice, I ran into the house to grab the camera for a photo.

Sourdough bread -- I'm out of bread, and low on sugar this week. Sourdough and French bread only call for a couple of teaspoons of sugar. This recipe uses yeast and has a faster turn around time from start to finish than Yukon Jack-style sourdough (without commercial yeast).

The blueberries are beginning to ripen. My kids and I picked a bunch of blueberries and raspberries to have on pancakes for dinner tonight. Some nights I just want pancakes or waffles for dinner.

One of my daughters is happily sewing herself a dress. She bought all the materials for it with a check from Grandpa. And the really happy part for me -- she no longer gets frustrated with sewing, and figures a lot of things out for herself.

A smile is one of the free things in life. What good stuff have you noticed, that brought a smile to your face?


  1. Thank you, Lili! It's easy to overlook the small joys in life.

    Let's see. . .yesterday I saw an eagle nesting. I saw a coyote (they're cute if they are far, far away) and my friend's dog seemed to realize I'm ticklish and kept trying to lick my feet.

    1. Hi Pamela,
      I love seeing the eagles around here. I haven't seen one's nest, though. We had a family of coyotes, several years ago, a mom and her pups. They were just hanging out in the woods behind our house. They'd come up to the lawn during the day and play. They were quite cute, until they started to feel too comfortable, and came up onto the deck. I had to scare them off then.

      Hoping today holds many simple joys for you!

  2. I would love to see an eagle nesting, Pamela. :)

    Lili, your driveway looks so good. Did they put a new coat of sealant on it?

    Your bread looks delicious, and your roses are beautiful. :)

    1. Thank you, Belinda!
      Yes, my husband and son patched, filled cracks and brushed sealant over the driveway. It's an amazing transformation. The driveway hadn't been repaired or sealed in the entire 35 years of the house, I'm sure. It's just so nice for me to see as I drive home.

      Wishing you a day filled with small delights!

  3. Your blog is my morning pick-me-up...who knows? I may dredge up whatever it takes to post on my blog today! Thanks, Lili!

    Mother Connie
    PS/I'll be at your door at dinner time. Blueberry pancakes would be super yummy! grin

    1. Hi Connie,
      I'll set an extra plate for you at dinner! I'll check out your site later today and see what's new in your parts!

      Hoping you have a day filled to the brim with simple pleasures!

  4. My big smile factor today was finding that my son (inspired by the Olympics) had made himself some weights for weightlifting, from a branch he found in the garden and two plastic milk bottles filled with water! Who says kids can't entertain themselves these days!

    1. Hi Sarah,
      That would make me smile, too. Good job to your son for using a bit of ingenuity in making his own weights! Your son is a good example of how kids really don't need to all the commercial stuff to have some fun.

      Wishing you a day of simple joys and smiles!


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