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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Happy highlights of my week

baking peanut butter cookies, using a cookie stamp in place of a fork to mark the tops

 daisies from The White Garden fill a jar on the kitchen table

checking out the pears on the trees in the front yard -- looks good for this year

making sweet cherry preserves to enjoy on English muffins

how about you? what have been your happy highlights this week?


Jayne said...

Oh my, what gorgeous looking cookies! They look like sand dollars. Thanks for the reminder about the good things in life. Couldn't have come at a better time. Wishing you a terrific day.

Anonymous said...

The cookies are beautiful that way!

Happy highlight - zinnias galore in the garden :)

Kris said...

How pretty! All your pictures are lovely and summer-ific.

I've recently discovered a fun baking Every recipe I've tried has been terrific and she has lots of helpful baking tips that I wasn't aware of. That's been one of my happy highlights lately.

Economies of Kale said...

Those pears look really tasty :) My happy highlight this week was roasting marshmallows over a fire at a friend's party - even if it was freezing!

Anonymous said...

Those cookies do look like sand dollars! I will have to see what I can find... those would be kind of cool for a bake sale. What is my happy highlight? Finding a great deal on black berries, cherries and corn and having time to can it all back! 4 jar of bb preserves, 6 pints of cherry pre-pie filling, and 12 pints of corn! Also picking broccoli, raspberries and peas from my garden! Thank you for you blog, it sure puts a smile on my face! Lisa

Lili said...

Hi Jayne,
Thank you! I hadn't thought about it, but they DO look like sand dollars.
I hope your day is wonderful, as well!

Lili said...

Hi Jen,
Oh I wish I could see your zinnias! I have one zinnia plant in a pot, and it's so sunny looking.

Lili said...

Hi Kris,
I took at a peek at The bread recipe she had there yesterday with Parmesan looks so yummy! Thanks for sharing that web address!

Lili said...

Hi Economies,
I think it's so much fun to roast marshmallows, whether it's cold or warm out. I love trying to get the perfect golden color (mine often burn, though), and watching them puff up. Then eating the gooey, sticky sweetness. Plus they hardly have any calories!

Lili said...

Hi Lisa,
Your canning sounds like you'll be having some wonderful meals this winter! Can I come for dinner?
Thank you for your king words. They mean a lot to me!

Lili said...

oops, should proof read. meant to say, "kind words"

Reginas Cottage said...

hello lili,
mmmh the cookies makes me hungry.the pears on the tree looking wonderful.thank you for all the nice happy highlight is the first harvest of cucumber.
wish you a nice day,
hugs regina

Lili said...

Oh, lucky you, Regina! I am several weeks away from cucumbers that are ready to pick! But we're enjoying other veggies from the garden, so I can't complain.
Have a wonderful day!

Reginas Cottage said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Live and Learn said...

One of my happy highlights this week are tomatoes from the garden. I love them!

Anonymous said...

Your cherry preserves wouldn't last long here, but we didn't have enough cherries that survived to make any.

Lili said...

Hi live and learn,
vine-ripe tomatoes -- double yum!!!

Lili said...

Hi Lois,
Oh, that's a shame you didn't have many cherries this year! But you've had many other wonderful fruits and veggies, I'm sure!

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