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Monday, April 30, 2012

Cheap Gas in Mukilteo/Lynnwood WA

In the Mukilteo/Lynnwood, WA area?  Are you still hunting down the cheap gas prices?  I sure am.

Two stations in the area are trying to remain the low price leaders in the price of regular gas.  The Safeway on the corner of 148th St SW and Highway 99 (Lynnwood), and the QFC at the corner of 176th St SW and Highway 99 (Lynnwood). I drive past both stations twice a day, and watch their prices closely.  Safeway beats QFC's price most days, but just by a penny or two.  I use the Safeway station, as it's closer to home and I save a dime or two on fill-ups.  I have only seen a lower price per gallon at another station 4 or 5 days total since I began watching their price, back in January.

If you have a Safeway Club card, you save an additional 3 cents off per gallon (off the posted price, your price will be reflected on the pump readout before you begin pumping).  Just remember to give your card or your phone number to the clerk when you prepay.  If you don't already have their store loyalty card, take the 3 minutes to fill out the application, and you'll save with this first gas purchase.

I'll continue posting their price per gallon (on regular) at the top of my daily posts, if that helps anyone.
This AM--Safeway $3.97/gallon ($3.94 with card).

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