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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

10 totally free things you can do/give Mom for Mother's Day

I'm a mom.  I have 3 wonderful kids.  I can tell you, for me,  I don't really want a bunch of expensive gifts on Mother's Day.  I just want to be honored and loved on Mother's Day.  I'm guessing other moms feel the same way.

Need some suggestions on how to honor your mom?  Here are 10 absolutely free things you can give or do for Mom this year.  Spoil her, do/give a bunch of them on her day.

  • 1) weed her garden
  • 2) bring her flowers from your garden
  • 3) bake her favorite cookies, cake, pie, quick bread
  • 4) have her over for dinner, lunch, brunch
  • 5) make her a card (like when you were 7 years old, but now you'll have more artistic abilities, right?)
  • 6) email her a link to a funny video
  • 7) email her photos of you and your family (if you really want to do it right, put together a photo album)
  • 8) wash her car (make sure to vacuum the inside, too.  Moms really like that)
  • 9) go to church with Mom  (if she normally attends and you don't, this is an especially nice way to tell Mom you appreciate the values and lessons she taught you)
  • 10) for the grand finale, if you have a bunch of air miles/points/rewards, arrange for her to come visit you

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