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Monday, May 14, 2012

Free stuff

Local water and wastewater districts offer free water conservation kits once or twice a year.  It's in their interest to help you reduce your water use.  And you save money as well as water -- a win-win situation.

Check your district's website to see if an offer is currently going on.  If you don't see anything on their website, you can phone their office, and ask if and when they have water conservation kits available. I've always had very friendly service over the phone with our district office.

Here in the Lynnwood/Mukilteo/Edmonds/Mill Creek/Bothell area, Alderwood Water and Wasterwater is giving away both the indoor and outdoor kits.  The indoor kit includes a water-efficient showerhead and kitchen/bath aerators.  The outdoor kit includes a garden hose nozzle and hose repair ends.  These free kits can be picked up at the district's offices located at 3625 156th St SW, Lynnwood, M-F 8AM-5PM. Offer while supplies last.

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