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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Getting the last little bit out of a pump dispenser

I get very annoyed with pump dispensers (the kind with lotion, sunscreen, facial cleanser) when I get close to, but not at, the bottom, and the straw that sucks it up to the pump, no longer reaches the contents. I know, I could just add a bit of water, shake up and I'd have a supply again.  But somethings I just don't want to dilute with water, like sunscreen, I want the full SPF on that.

Here's my solution.  I go into the kitchen with the pump in hand and try out the various straws we have in a drawer.  Surprisingly, not all drink straws have the same diameter of opening.  So, I find one that can slip right on up the outside of the manufacturer's pump straw, leaving the original straw in place.

I feel around the bottom of the straw for the spot where the old straw ends. I cut the new straw off about 3/4-inch below the end of the old one.  I then try getting the whole straw and pump thingy back into the bottle.  If it doesn't quite fit, I use scissors to cut a tiny bit off, and try again. I do this until I can get the updated contraption into the bottle with pump screwed back on. (Once the outer straw is the right length, I cut the end at an angle.) Voila, a pump that actually reaches the bottom of the dispenser!

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