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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I have a question for you re: frugality resources

I have a question for you, the reader/visitor.  Was there (or does there continue to be) a book, author or resource that you found helpful, inspirational or instructional in your original pursuit of frugality?

For me, I'd been frugal for several years, but felt mostly alone in my frugal pursuits, living in a world of buy, buy, buy (early to mid-90s).  When I was watching the Phil Donahue show and the woman who wrote the Tightwad Gazette series (Amy Dacyczyn) was on that day.  I was sitting there, saying to myself, quite excitedly I might add, "hey, I do that too!", and "yea, I've done that!" and a few "I've never even thought of that -- brilliant!" So the next morning I hopped on over to the library and found her newsletters.  I consumed them, couldn't finish them fast enough. This was a "moment" for me.  And her newsletter, then books, I found helpful and inspirational.

Now, how about you.  There are many resources out there now.  Which ones do feel are the best? And why?  Which ones motivated you the most?


  1. Lili,
    I don't think I can point to one person but I do know it's how my husband and I decided to live our married life when we joined forces ~ 22 years ago! Living frugally allows us to live richly in ways we choose and not the other way around...working to catch up or keep up.
    Great blog here!!

  2. Sara, that's exactly how my hubby and I feel, let our money work us, and not us working for our money. I find I don't want all the trappings so much of our society "appears" to want. I say "appears" because I'm not so sure many folks even know what they want, just that if someone else has it, it must be desirable.
    Like your site, as well. Such nice presentation. Maybe I'll get there someday. I'm interested in learning more about home exchanges. I have heard of them, but hadn't known anyone personally who has participated. But it's been a good experience for you?

  3. You know, I like the TG as well. It's pretty timeless in its advice--yes, some things have changed (there was no world wide web when she was printing the newsletter) but the basic concepts are still quite sound. I also like Your Money or Your Life.

  4. Yes, Your Money Or Your Life, by Vicki (can't recall her last name) and Joe Dominguez. That was an eye-opening book for me. The idea of financial independence was a totally new concept to me back then. I didn't realize that there could be options. I thought everyone worked till retirement age, whether they enjoyed their job or not. And funny how technology has changed the way we communicate, do business, find people, and get information of all kinds, from all parts of the world. It amazes me!



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