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Monday, June 4, 2012

How do you save for your summer fun?

June is Family Fun Fund-raising month in our house. Yes, that's such an official sounding title. These are the last few days of school for our two youngest, and we're making plans for our summer fun already.  But how to afford it is the big question.

I've already begun some of the fund-raising.  I've located the bag of aluminum cans in the garage and will take them in for cash on my way home on Friday.

Our neighborhood has a big garage sale this coming Saturday.  I've been saving boxes of stuff in the guest room all year.  I hope this stuff brings in $30 or $40. I'll also set up a bake sale for that day as well.  My scones are well-known in the neighborhood.  I've had people arrive and get on their cell phones to alert neighbors, and I'm cleaned out in minutes. (Okay, so it was one neighbor on her phone, and two other neighbors who showed up, but still I was cleaned out of scones in minutes -- that part is not an exaggeration.)

I'm also considering hosting/teaching a bread baking class over the summer to bring in a bit of money.  I enjoy baking bread and have had several people ask for lessons.

Then there's our grocery budget.  I've been working for several months to get it back in line.  I almost did it last month. I went over by $10.  That's not bad at all.  This month I hope to come in $40 - $50 under.  That money will also go into the summer fun can.

That's my fund-raising plan. What's yours?

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