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Friday, June 8, 2012

Making June's grocery money last -- need input

Last month, May 31st greeted me with no grocery money left in the budget.  So this month, instead of just spending all month, then waiting to see where we stand at the end, I'm planning ahead. And I figured, if we all pool our ideas, we all will get through this month with more coins in our pocket. (Plus, for my family, whatever is leftover in the grocery budget this month gets put in our summer fun budget.)

The Cheap and Cheerful Menu

refried beans with homemade tortillas
lentil-barley salad in mustard vinaigrette
tabbouleh (using brown rice in place of cracked wheat, as we have lots of brown rice)
homemade pizza

additional things to do to stretch the grocery budget:

using what's ready in the garden (for us, that's mostly greens)
baking more breads and rolls

What other Cheap and Cheerful meal ideas do you have?


  1. Black bean quesadillas are one of my family's go-to meals for $ & speed.

    I usually have cheese in the fridge or freezer, purchased on sale, because that's the main component that would be expensive otherwise.

    It may be too similar to your meal of refried beans & homemade tortillas however.

    1. Hi Sheila,
      The funny thing about my family, and maybe others as well, but changing the shape, from rolled up burrito to flat quesadillas, seems to be a big enough change that it doesn't seem like a repeat. I haven't done quesadillas in a while and will add them this month. Thanks for the suggestion!


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