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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Seashell wreath -- bringing summer into my decor

by Lili Mounce

Seashells and summertime are a natural pairing in my mind. Perhaps it's because I grew up near the ocean, and now that I have a family of my own, I live near the Puget Sound. A favorite activity for our family is an early morning coffee and donut breakfast at the beach. The five of us sit on a log, drink coffee and cocoa, then follow it up with a walk along the edge of the water, scouring the rocks and sand for that perfect shell.

My collection of shells, from beachcombing, travels and gifts from friends, continues to grow. I've been wanting to make something special with them, to record our family time spent at the beach. Serendipitously, I have a spot in the entry of our house for seasonal wreaths. A shell wreath, to rotate in, in summer, seemed to be the perfect use for at least part of my collection.

I took a large grapevine wreath, some florist's moss, craft cement (the rubber cement-y stuff I'm always bragging on -- really, I have no financial interest in any craft cement companies), and my shell collection, to my craft center (aka -- the kitchen table, sorry I'm not Martha, no special craft room in my house).

I arranged the moss over the front of the wreath, allowing some of the grapevine to be visible, then glued down with the cement. I played with the arrangement of the shells till my heart was satisfied, then glued those using the same craft cement. Added a wire twist to the back for a hanger, and I was set. Thirty minutes of crafting pleasure, and a decade or more of joy to display.

Perhaps seashells are not what speak summer to you. Perhaps you have another collection that would work for this type of seasonal wreath.

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