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Friday, August 17, 2012

Silver Linings

by Lili Mounce

a squirrel or raccoon knocked a bunch of not quite ripe apples off the tree
. . .silver lining. . .I picked the apples up and made an apple pie for dessert

my daughter had an extra dance class this week that I had to drive to and from
. . .silver lining. . .I got to listen to favorite music on the radio for an extra half hour on the drive each way, and had more one-on-one time with this daughter, while in the car

woke up with a migraine
. . .silver lining. . .I rested an extra hour, then went to the beach for a couple of hours and just sat

What silver linings have you found this week?


  1. I wake up too many migraines. I'm happy that you were able to make it to the beach, because migraines don't always cooperate that way.

    1. You're right about that. Mine usually "hover" for about 3 days, intermittently coming back here and there. If I take advil, tylenol and a cup of coffee, then rest quietly, at the very first sign of one, I can mitigate some of the more severe symptoms. But I'm still pretty much useless, especially that first day. That we made it to the beach, was good. But like I said, I just sat, did nothing, no interest in looking for shells, sea glass or anything.

      I haven't tried any of the drugs from the tryptan class yet, the side effects sound kind of risky. I try to minimize food triggers, and have recently begun making sure I get B2 and magnesium every day. I've been meaning to pick up some CoQ10, as well. As you can tell, I'd rather go a more natural route.

      Dr. Andrew Weil has some good info on migraine treatment. And an excellent perspective to consider -- that having a migraine forces one to seek a calming refuge within oneself, for periods of time. And that in itself can be a good thing.

      Thanks for commenting (and so sorry you too have migraines)!

  2. I can't work until I'm fully licensed as a pharmacist and then licensed to immunize. Most people say they're sorry when they hear that... But I don't need the money and I'm practically jumping for joy at the time off! Silver linings are great. They're how you can get through life happily!

    1. Hi Mallory!
      That is a silver lining! Time off, but you know that in the future you will have a great job! It's funny that people would express that they're sorry about you're not being able to work, but in your mind you're thinking, "hey, vacation, live it up!" You slogged away for quite a while, studying for the exams. I'm glad you have this bit of time off.


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