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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Making our October cookies

Our family has a favorite cookie for the month of October. We do these every year. Or rather, I bake the cookie part and the kids and hubby do the frosting and decorating part. They're just your ordinary sugar cookies, cut out with a pumpkin-shaped cookie cutter. Then they're frosted with bright orange buttercream frosting, and faces designed with candy corn. Nothing fancy, but we all love a frosted sugar cookie.

Last Friday afternoon I baked the cookies. Then on Saturday, the family went to it with the frosting and candy. Unfortunately I ran out of yellow food coloring, so only made a bowl of frosting large enough to do half the batch of cookies, that is to say, half a batch with the large amount of frosting we all like on the cookies!

I had one of those moments on Friday afternoon, when I could have stopped at the craft store to buy more food coloring (even had a coupon in my purse that would be good on any purchase). But I thought, no, I'll have enough food coloring, no need to make a stop (and I was right there driving past the store). Saturday afternoon, I was mixing up the frosting, and you know how it is, since I decided not to buy more coloring, of course it would turn out that I needed more. One of those goofs!

But maybe this is a good thing. I'll pick up the needed coloring this afternoon, and the kids and hubby will get to do more frosting this coming weekend. You know, there is always a silver lining.


  1. Does that mean you will be baking more cookies next weekend or you we save the unfrosted ones until then? If you do, that will take a lot of will power.

    1. Hi live and learn,
      I froze the unfrosted ones. So they're safe : )
      The hard part is keeping from eating the candy corn! You know how it is with an open bag! So tempting!

    2. I'm going to have to stop doing these replies early in the morning. They never make sense when I read them later.

    3. Hi live and learn,
      I have the same problem. Early in the morning, in part cause I'm not awake fully, yet, in part because I'm very rushed to get out the door to take daughters to school, I can not type straight. I type like I'm inebriated!

  2. Ha you beat me, I was going to ask how long a batch of cookies lasts you? Also, doesn't the icing make the cookies go soggy?

    When I do a big bake, I put all but a few of whatever-it-is (cupcakes, brownies, cookies etc) in the freezer. That way they're slightly more inaccessible. Then I'll get out a few each day for school and after-school snacks.

    1. Hi Jessica!
      We're so close to the end of the month, I'm really not caring if we go through all the cookies.We still have about half the frosted cookies left. I baked a fairly large batch, and we've had several pies around here this week, too. (Leftovers from something my daughters were helping with over the weekend.) So we've mostly been having pie for dessert. And we like how sugar cookies soften up with the frosting on them. And when even the next half batch are frosted, and eaten, we have more Hallowe'en treats that we do. I know it is a lot of sugar!

      But I do think it's a really good idea to freeze quantities that you want to preserve. As much for keeping me from eating them as anyone else.; ) I do that with cookie dough a couple of times a year. Then just bake up what we want for the day.

  3. Oh yum! I love iced sugar cookies! Say, do you have any suggestions where I could find a pumpkin-shaped cookie cutter? I'm in the SW of the US.

    1. Hi Sandy,
      I love 'em too!

      For finding a cookie cutter, you're in the US, so I'm guessing you have a Michael's or Jo-Ann's Fabric and Craft somewhere near (If you're close to a metropolitan area, that is). Check their cake decorating supplies. I think that Wilton makes a pumpkin-shaped cutter.

      Also check your Hallmark, both free-standing stores and set-ups inside discount and grocery stores. I bought this one at Hallmark before I was married. Sometimes Hallmark and American Greetings have a spot near their cards and gift wrap with holiday-themed items, like cookie cutters.

      I think Wal-Mart also has a cake/cookie decorating spot in with their crafts. And in the mall, if you have a kitchen store, they might have one as well.

      Good luck finding one!

    2. Found one! I called around and found a craft store with a few left. We'll make some cookies this afternoon!

  4. Lili, my daughter loves soft frosted sugar cookies. We cut out a recipe from the back of a Dominoes sugar bag the other day. I won't mention the cookie cutter shape to if I am up to it we may make some and decorate with the candy corn. Very cute!

    1. Hi Shara,
      You know where I got my sugar cookie recipe? From our bank, of all places! They used to give out freebies to the kids. One year they gave us a heart-shaped cutter with a recipe card for sugar cookies. Good thoughts going your way : )

  5. They look yummy! I'm going to look for a pumpkin cutter!

    1. Hi Sarah,
      Thanks! I hope you can find one. My kids always look forward to decorating these cookies -- even my grown son!


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