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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Just 8 minutes

Did you know that you can jump start your metabolism in just 8 minutes of exercise in the morning, each day? You still need to get in some cardio and strength training later in the day, but an 8 minute stint of brisk walking will rev your body's engine to burn off those Christmas cookies and treats.

Getting fit is one of the most popular New Year's resolutions. But for most of us, when we fail to see results quickly enough, we lose interest. "There goes the plan to get fit this year : ("

But just 8 minutes of exercise will start your metabolism for the day, give you energy and a healthy glow, and create the mind-set to make healthier choices throughout the day. Both fitness guru Jorge Cruise, and diet expert David Zinczenko, recommend 8 minutes of exercise as one of the first things you do every day, to boost your metabolism.

8 minutes, you say? When I heard this, I jumped on board. I can do 8 minutes in the early morning. This is a lifestyle change that I can follow through on. 8 minutes of walking around the block. 8 minutes on the rebounder. 8 minutes of a 10-minute Tony Horton video (that's not even the full 10-minute trainer!). An 8 minute bike ride through the neighborhood. Even 8 minutes of lifting hand weights, while I sit in my favorite chair, watching the AM news. Can you break away from your home, family and routine for 8 minutes in the morning?

Getting fit is a lifestyle orientation. Making this goal for your body is not something that you do for 4 months until swimsuit season, then figure, "hey, I did it!" and slip back into old ways. A lifestyle change is something you choose to do for life. For me, 8 minutes is totally doable.

It's been a week now, since I began my 8 minutes. I gave myself Sunday off, but have stuck to it every other day. The big test was back-to-school on Monday. Would I get myself up and out early enough for 8 minutes? Would I have enough time before driving my daughters to school? What about how dark it is so early, would that be a problem? Guess what? It was easy. It turns out, 8 minutes is something I CAN spare. So, I guess we'll just see in a month if I'm still making this a priority. It's hard to tell with me. I hope I can keep to it.

How about you? Did you resolve to make health or fitness a priority in your life this year? Tell me what you're doing to further that goal. Maybe you're ahead of the game and already living a fit lifestyle. Share with me how you keep yourself motivated to continue on. 

P.S. There's a free 10-minute workout on the Dr. Oz website, designed by Tony Horton. It's very doable. He offers suggestions on how to make the exercises more and less difficult, as you need. It's what I do for exercise when the weather is too miserable outside. But for now, while the weather is favorable, see you around the block! ; )


  1. Good for you, Lili! I think for me the key is daily exercise. I find I am more likely to stick with it if I think of it like brushing my teeth--that's something I do for my health daily, so why should maintaining/improving my fitness be any different? (I do allow myself 1 to 2 days off per week as a "treat" to myself, but weekdays I don't allow myself that option).

    That's good information about the 10 minute workout. I think many of us grew up with the idea that you have to invest tons of time into keeping fit but the truth is, small amounts add up. Just think, last week you did 48 minutes of exercise to start your day!

    I spent many years of my life overweight and under-exercised, so I KNOW how hard a lifestyle change is. Starting with a do-able, observable & measurable plan is such a smart idea. Kudos!

    1. Hi Kris,
      I sure am hoping that I can maintain this early morning routine. I'll just try to think as you do, that it's something I'm going to do for my health. I wouldn't let something like brushing my teeth slide, simply because I was too tired, or thought I didn't have enough time. So this shouldn't be any different. Thanks for your perspective!

  2. That's interesting - I think I'd find it hard to find 8 mins on a work/school day but I really ought to try on the other days!

    1. Hi Sarah,
      I can certainly imagine finding 8 minutes on a rushed morning would be difficult. I was uncertain how well this would go once school started back up for us. Fortunately, or unfortunately, I've been awakening much earlier than normal, so I have had the time to get out for a quick walk before taking my daughters to their school. But then again, I don't have to get dressed for work, either. I just hop in the car in my sweats or jeans and go.

  3. I didn't have much luck with the 8 minute program, but my metabolism is so messed up from years of dealing with an eating disorder that my body needs much more attention. I'm rooting for you Lili that you stick with it, even if it didn't result in major weight loss it's a great way to wake up each morning and give you added energy.

    1. Thank you for your encouragement, Lois! I appreciate it.

  4. I had lost a lot of weight after my youngest child was born, but could not get those stubborn last 8 pounds off. I saw Jorge Cruise on tv and bought his book. I did his 8-minute program for about 4 months, and lost those last 8 pounds. I stopped doing the 8-minute morning routine, and within a month I'd gained 2 of the pounds back. I began the workout again, and lost those nasty pounds, and I continue with this 8-minute routine 5 days a week now, to keep that weight off. It worked for me, maybe it will work for you. Good luck with this.

    1. Hi Sandy,
      Thanks for your encouragement, and telling me your story. Did you follow Cruise's diet plan as well?
      Already I am feeling really hungry, like I'm burning through my usual amount of food more quickly. I don't ever weigh myself, but go by how my clothes fit. I'll keep you posted how this works for me.
      The added bonus is I have way more energy early in the day!

  5. Thanks for sharing this with us :) As you know, one of my resolutions this year was to exercise five times a week. I'm still planning on doing longer sessions, but reckon I could fit in some eight minute exercises first thing in the morning as well.

    Unfortunately I am smack-bang in the middle of swimsuit season where I live, haha, but that means there is even more motivation to get fit!

    1. Hi Economies,
      I'm rooting for you! What type of exercise are you planning for cardio workouts? Yeah, being summer there, I think you have even more motivation to get fit than me, all bundled up in winter clothing! But the truth is, being fit isn't just about how we look, or what the scales say, but how we feel, as well. And there's never a bad day to begin feeling healthier! Good luck with your resolution!

  6. Good luck with sticking with your plan. I hope to be right behind you with exercising myself. I need to work on my back exercises because it pretty much hurts all of the time.

    1. Thank you, live and learn.
      Ouch, back pain is miserable! I hope you can see some improvement very soon.


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