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Friday, June 28, 2013

This is my closet

You can see that it's not terribly large for a grown woman's clothing. Now imagine winter bedding and spare pillows in here, too. Since I shrank and moved those items to another closet, I can actually see what I have.

I spent an afternoon sorting out winter clothing and doing some basic organizing in my closet. And here it is, about as organized as it will likely get for now.

I like to keep pants and skirts on the bottom bar, blouses, jackets, and good tees on the top bar, a stack of sweaters, easily visible, and shoes on the floor where I can lazily grab them with my feet. A summer hat and visor are on the top shelf.

And yes, I do hang my jeans. They stay nice longer that way. I have a pair of dark denim and a pair of black jeans on the bottom bar.

I use the hooks on the door for a couple of casual bags, an umbrella (still using that this week!) and pjs.

The boxes on the top shelf hold most of my winter clothes. In addition, I have 2 sweater dresses and 2 pairs of wool slacks hanging in a tall closet elsewhere.

(The blue bin is my laundry bin.  And in the left-hand, back, lower corner is a box of projects and gifts that just haven't made it to better storage locations. I could still squeeze more clothing storage space in here if I cleaned up that spot.)

Some things I noticed about my clothes . . .

I tend to dress drab. I think I've been in some sort of funk for the last decade or so -- just look at all the beige, black and brown. And these are my summer clothes!

I also noticed that I don't seem to shoe shop much. Those shoes, some winter dress and rain boots and the sneakers on my feet, are it.

I do like sweaters, even in summer. They cling in all the right spots and skim the bulges I'd prefer to ignore. The sweaters are stacked in the milk boxes on the left of the lower shelf. Those cardboard milk boxes, the kind that 2 gallons of milk come in, are just the right width for a folded sweater.

On top of the boxes of sweaters are a selection of summery scarves. I have a large scarf selection. Some of them were my mother's and date to the early 70s. Most of my scarves were jumbled in a drawer, so I culled through them to find some especially summery ones that I can use this summer to change up some of my outfits.

I seem to buy the same item over and over. I have 3 long-sleeved white blouses. And in packing away my winter clothes I came across 4 black sweaters. As a woman with not very much clothing to begin, that is a lot of repetition.

When I do buy color, I seem to just buy from a very limited palette. Pale blue-green and coral pink are evidently favorites of mine. Yet, I'd never given that any thought before.

Although I only buy 1 or 2 clothing items per year, I can see that if I go back to work this next year, I will have enough of a wardrobe to cover my needs. I do take very good care of my nicer clothing. You probably can't guess which, but one of those sweaters is from the 1970s. Someone reading right now is probably saying, "the 70s! I wasn't even born then!"

I also have a couple of drawers of casual tops. I'm an especially poor shopper when it comes to casual clothes. Of my two casual shirt drawers, one has been dubbed "the ugly shirt drawer". These are the shirts that I'll wear only if I haven't gotten to the laundry, and my "first pick" tops are not available. Unfortunately, "the ugly shirt drawer" contains far more tops than the "first pick" drawer. I have a drawer of stretchy casual pants, a pair of capris, and a skort, as well.

My around-the-house casual clothing is where I really need to focus my attire attention. I've been looking through some of my hanging clothing and trying to think of new ways to incorporate some of those items into my casual daily wear. One of my white long-sleeved blouses has been slated for the next dye bath -- I'm thinking a light shade of purple. I could wear it as an over shirt with a purple tee-shirt that I like. The hanging shirts to the left are already casual shirts. I just need to remember to wear those as well as my tee-shirts in the drawers.

I can really see where a tidy closet is essential for dressing smartly. (Mom, you were right, a tidy room is a happy room.) "Seeing" my clothes clearly, without the added encumbrance of winter bedding, has opened my eyes, and my mind, to how and why I dress as I do. And now, I can go forth and make changes that I think better reflect who I am today.


  1. Do you have a hard time keeping everything in place as in the picture? With no extra room, that's what needs to be done. I think that would be my downfall.

    1. Hi live and learn,
      Considering what a messy room I had as a teen, I'm pretty good about hanging things up, now that I'm older. I detest ironing, more so than hanging or putting away. So knowing that if I hang my slacks right away will mean I don't have to iron them, is a good motivator. You're absolutely right about how important it is to keep things in their places, when the storage space you have is tight.

  2. I like your organized closet! Like you, since cleaning out my closet, I can see everything and I have been wearing things I'd otherwise forget about. Much better! I love your scarf collection - new and vintage!

    1. Hi anexacting,
      Thanks you. I like being able to "see it all" in just one glance. I had forgotten about a couple of items, and now they feel new to me. And by keeping my scarves out where I can see them, I think I'll choose from them more often. I should probably do the same with my belts.
      My mom would just not believe this is me, but I really appreciate organization, now that I'm older. You seem very organized yourself. Were you always like that?

  3. I have a minimal clothes collection, but a vast collection of scarves also!

    1. Hi Sarah,
      It is a lot simpler to have a basic wardrobe, but colorful accessories to brighten things up.
      Thanks for reading.

  4. I have quite a limited palette of clothes as well - mostly black, grey and dusky blue and some purple. Definitely no pink or red.

    I'm glad to hear that you have gotten more organised as you've gotten older, it's something I still struggle with :)

    1. Hi Economies,
      Having to keep an entire household organized, with kids' and spouse's stuff, has force me to be more organized with my own belongings. It's a matter of making it a priority and taking the time. I know I didn't make organization a priority as a teen. What teen would?! But I have to admit, I still struggle with organizing my time.


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