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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Girlfriend gifts: ribbon and charm key rings

These are what I call girlfriend gifts, something small, that you might give to a gal pal. My "girlfriends" this time are, again, my two daughters. These will be stocking stuffers, for a house key, now that they come and go whenever.

They are super simple to make, taking me about 20 minutes, each, and the only skill required is a little hand-sewing. Materials are just a 9-inch length of ribbon (grosgrain), a charm I used initial charms), a plain key ring, and some Fray Check, or clear nail polish.

To make:

Take one 9-inch length of ribbon,

and cut the tail ends at angles.

Brush the cut ends, lightly, with Fray Check or nail polish, and lay on waxed paper to dry.

When ends are dry, slide key ring onto ribbon.

Fold ribbon in half, even in length, but just slightly off in centering, so that you can see a bit of the bottom half of the ribbon, beneath the top half.

With a needle and thread, use the running stitch, close to the ring (but allowing a little wiggle room, for moving keys and ring around). Pull the ribbon slightly with your left hand, while stitching with your right (to make your stitches somewhat close to the ring).

After making stitches across and back, back track to the center, with more stitching. Then make 1 stitch down length of ribbon, to place the charm slightly lower than your stitching.

If your charm has a jump ring attached, remove it.

Sew the charm in place with 3 stitches, finishing inside the folded ribbon.

Knot 2 or 3 times, then cut thread. That's it.


  1. Nice simple idea. Now, I'm trying to figure out if this would be a good gift for anyone I know. Think, think, think.

    1. Hi live and learn,
      they were incredibly simple to make, and perfect for someone who just carries a house key or someone who needs/wants to keep one key separate from their ring of keys.


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