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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Candles. January. Bargain.

I haven't posted much on Saturdays lately, but in case you are out and about this weekend, check out the tail end of Christmas clearance sales for candles, especially in drug and grocery stores.

In January, the bargain candles are all in green, red or white. But white goes with everything, right?

Early January is when I buy the year's supply of candles. (Yes, the YEAR'S supply.) My target price is between 10 and 15 cents for tapers and votives. The other day, I found votives for 10 cents each, and tapers for 12 cents each, at Walgreen's in their Christmas clearance. I've noticed that the candles seem to linger a long time on the clearance shelves.

The tapers that I bought are white, and will go nicely with our dinnerware on the dining room table. And the votives are a mix of white and green. I'll be using these outdoors this summer, and both white and green will be nice in the patio and garden areas.

Bargain-purchased candles are an easy and inexpensive way to add ambiance to our leisure time. Anyone else buy candles after Christmas?

(I also picked up some battery votive candles. These will be for a birthday gift for my daughters in March. I'll make some sort of cute, cheerfully painted votive holder, and they can have these for their room. No lit candles allowed in bedrooms here.)


  1. Good planning on your part, LIli, to buy them all at one time and great prices you found them for this week.

    We do enjoy using candles to make our Kitchen and bathroom smell fresh. I was cleaning the other day and found a couple of candles that had been stuck back in the China cabinet. I brought those out and we've been using them ever since. One was a Yankee Candle and was the Christmas cookie scent, so it smelled really good. I also found another one in the window sill and the sun had bleached it out. DIdn't smell quite as nice at the cookie one. lol

  2. Hi Belinda,
    Oh, great find in your china cabinet! They must really smell nice, too.

    I love candles. I use them in the family room, often. But I especially love those highly-fragranced ones, like from candle stores in the mall. One of my daughters bought me a lemon-mint one for Christmas. I haven't lit it yet, but just enjoy lifting the lid off of it and taking in a big whiff, every so often.

  3. With the rising cost of electricity, I was thinking of using candles more often, if I could get them for a really low price. I'll have to see if there are any left at our Walgreen's on Monday. I'd also just like to have more for emergency use.

    We also have a solar LED lantern that I bought on clearance at the end of summer. It's not real bright, but I would like to get more on clearance next year (not the big lanterns but something smaller). I have to set it outside every day if I want to use it that night, but it is great to have around, and would not be a continuous expense. I just have to remember to put it out in the direct sun during the day and find a safe place where the children won't bother it. If we have our patio table set up it can go there.

    1. Hi Brandy,
      I bought 2 of those outdoor lanterns a few years ago. We had a power outage one evening, so I brought one of them inside. It was nice to have some sort of light, while I searched for candles and matches.

      It would be interesting to do a comparison between electricity usage and candles. I hope your Walgreen's still has candles, and at bargain prices. I happened to be at another chain drugstore on Saturday, and they had pillar candles at a great price, so I picked up 2, for gifts next Christmas.


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