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Friday, February 7, 2014

Could there be a theme developing here?

Black Cherry Cupcakes, 

using chopped, brandied black cherries and the cherry liquid, that I preserved last summer, to tint and flavor the butter cream frosting.

Wooden Craft Hearts,

which I painted with pink acrylic paints.
I'll string the hearts onto satin ribbon, to make a garland for some Valentine kitchen decor. (wood craft hearts -- Jo-Ann Fabrics 29 cents each, use a coupon and save 10 to 15%)

Roses in Bloom Kitchen Towel

No roses growing in my garden right now. Roses printed on a kitchen towel will cheer me for Valentine's Day and the weeks to come.



  1. The theme is you are snowed in. Actually, I think the snow is coming now or this weekend? Are you getting any? The cupcakes look delicious.

    1. Hi live and learn,
      no snow for us, yet. There's snow to the south and to the north, but none in the central area. I'm nervous about how my daughters will get home tonight, as they have a late evening on campus today. I've planned to drive down at 9 to get them, but my car doesn't have snow tires. Anyway, I watching the weather forecasts very closely today.

      The cupcakes were just what I needed yesterday. Tiring morning, needing a pick-me-up. I am doing all I can not to have another one this morning.

    2. I was wondering about your snow, too. The downside of snow is the bad roads. I fully sympathize with your concerns for your daughters. Our news station has an alert which will come to your email/smartphone if there are accidents on your commute route. I have signed up for it and have just gotten 2 alerts in as many minutes. It's just so cold that they can't use road salt, plus the high winds today ice the roads. And ... the drivers go wayyy too fast for the road conditions. I am working tomorrow and am a little nervous about the commute.

      Your decorating and cupcakes look nice. I have finally gotten brave--yesterday I made a window cornice from an online tutorial out of foam core insulation board, batting, and fabric. It turned out pretty well so today I'm hoping to make one more for my dining area.

    3. Hi Kris,
      If the conditions are bad in your area tomorrow, will your clients be able to make it to appointments? I hope you have safe driving conditions, if you have to go in.

      One of my daughters also has to usher a play tomorrow mid-day (she's ushering tonight, hence the late evening). If it's not actively snowing, the freeways will be good, here. But I'm not looking forward to driving on local roads. The Seattle area is rather hilly.

      Wish I could see your cornice! I bet it turned out very well!

    4. I work in the hospital so my patients are inpatients. I've barely been working this winter--the roads are truly awful, and we've had a lot of school cancellations. I'm the backup for that--if my kids are home, so am I. I was pretty stressed about not working much for awhile, but I think it's ok with my boss (basically, I'm a "substitute" therapist) as long as I pick up more hours when the weather gets better. I'm trying to see this time as a gift--I've been wanting some downtime for ages to get projects done--well, I'm getting my downtime!

      I'm pleased with both cornices. I'm not very talented at a lot of diy tasks but this one is very do-able and I have 2 large, attractive cornices that cost maybe $30 total (probably less, I haven't really broken it down).

      It's probably more difficult driving where you live in the snow--you wouldn't have the snow plows or road salt to the extent that we do. Drive slow and be safe. :)


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