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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Is it spring yet?

The first part of yesterday was gorgeous and spring-like. The sunshine and mild weather lured me out into the garden. This was my first day of real garden work for the season. I tackled some pruning, weeding, raking and transplanting before the skies clouded over and the rain came back.

While I was outside, I snapped these photos.

the crocus out by our front door

the area I worked in last summer, clearing the weeds, laying the river rock, placing the stepping stones, planting rhodies and azaleas, then this past fall planting both daffodil and crocus bulbs. the daffodils are in among the river rock, while the crocus are in the bare earth between river rock and stepping stones

the crocus I planted in the fall are just coming up now. I wonder if they will always be a few weeks behind their cousins by the front door, or if their later growth is due to being planted just this fall?

I've chosen 2 new sites for work this spring and summer. One is the extension of the spring low garden, and will be planted with primroses, red-flowering currant bushes, grape hyacinth, petite daffodils, anemone, rock cress, sword fern and hosta. I'll be dividing plants in my garden for transplanting to this area.

The other area is an extension of the cranberry patch. This area has been so weedy and ugly. We'll be clearing it and taking some cranberry plants from the patch to fill it. This will kill two birds, make an unpleasant area look better, and increase our cranberry harvest.

I can't decide which phrase suits this better -- "Always a work in progress!"  Or, "A labor of love!"


  1. Gorgeous. Isn't it fun to watch the flowers bloom? Little smiles on a stem. :)

    1. Hi Kris,
      I'm glad I got outside when I did, because today we're back to pouring rain. But it was beautiful to be outside, even if just for a bit.

  2. The crocus are beautiful. I hope to have some similar pictures soon.

    1. Hi live and learn,
      I hope so for you, too! A bit of flowers makes the day seem so much cheerier for me.

  3. Oh, you are torturing me! Do you not know that I'm in the wintry tundra?
    It's lovely, and a delight to see. :)

    1. Hi Carolyne,
      I don't know if this is any consolation to you, but it's pouring rain here, today, coming down in buckets! Thank you, though!

  4. I just read this week that fall planted bulbs can be two weeks later than bulbs planted in previous years.

    Also sunlight will affect them; shady areas will bloom later.

    Spring came early this year here by over a month.

    My fig trees are leafing out today! They do't do this until the end of April, normally.

    I'm still waiting for the bulbs in the white garden to open. I did have a few miniature iris come up but they are too miniature--and very hard to see, unfortunately. I planted a good number of them and most are not up yet, so I don't know if they will be up soon or not.

    The tulips are days away from blooming, though. I am excited about that. I hope they last; it is so warm that I worry that they will not.

    1. Hi Brandy,
      That's good info on the bulbs. I thought maybe newly planted ones would take longer. And I do think that it is shadier and cooler behind the house, than in front.

      Oh, I do hope that your tulips last. You put in a lot of work, and you deserve to have their beauty for more than a moment!

      I was looking at photos from last year, and spring is a bit behind this year, here. What that usually means is a burst of blooms are on their way, just a bit later.

  5. The crocus look lovely :) We're moving into autumn here and it's getting slightly cooler. I'm only finding it a bad thing when I want to go swimming at the outdoor pool.

    1. Hi Liz,
      Aren't they? Crocus are so simple, yet because they are the first in my yard, they seem very special to me. Enjoy your last few days of summer!

  6. Beautiful! Your yard just looks lovely.

    We've entered the Colorado spring phase... snow a couple of times a week with 60's in between. Thankfully this sort of snow tends to melt in less than a day. Of course, I do remember one March when we had a giant blizzard that dumped about 3 feet on us. Sorta thinking I could live without one of those!

    1. Thank you, Cat!
      For months I was hoping for snow, here. Now I just want spring. Any snow will not be welcome. But we could still get snow until early April.

      Those in-between days of 60s must mean back to bike rides for you!


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