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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

This week's lunch round-up: the garden is really producing!

With an abundant garden right now, I am using what's ripe to put together lunches. And as it was so terribly hot yesterday, I tried to make items do double-duty for dinner last night, as well as lunches for the week. (The kitchen was in the mid-80s by afternoon.)

For dinner, we had veggie quiche (using some of the cooked veggies also used in the egg and veggie fried rice), 2 bean salad, brown rice (what was left of the large pot of rice from making the fried rice), and fruit salad using some of the apples and blueberries.

So here's the lunch round-up for the week:
  • fresh apples
  • boiled eggs
  • egg and veggie fried rice
  • blueberry muffins
  • 2 bean salad (green beans and pintos, don't have 3 beans, LOL!)


  1. Are the apples from your trees? What kind are they?

    1. Hi live and learn,
      yes, we have one tree that is ready to harvest, usually in August, this year about a week or two early, due to all the heat we've had. They're red apples, and I'd have to look up the name. These apples are closet to Rome apples, and only keep about a month to 6 weeks. I filled 3 fridge drawers with them, and we'll be eating apples, apples and more apples for the next month.Looked it up -- I think these are William's Pride apples, best for fresh eating, and an early cultivar.

  2. I was also wondering about your apples. :)

    Because of our cool summer, we had a great run on our lettuce. We are still getting snap peas (another cool weather crop) as well. Although we have some sort of weird fungus with our beans, we've been getting crazy amounts of beans--yay! Also some cherry tomatoes and a few big ones. Typically we get only a couple of zucchini but for some reason, this year we have a surplus. We are leaving to go camping for a few days and I love the "finger food" veggies to take along--snap peas and cherry tomatoes.

    My hubby bought plums and apricots at the farm market on Saturday. Those are a real treat for us (and splurged on a few ears of sweet corn--we have discovered cheaper isn't always better with sweet corn, as around here, there is a wide variety of quality with the corn).

    Enjoy your produce! This is the time of year when I don't worry about my family getting enough fruits and veggies--eating up our surplus is the bigger issue!

    1. Hi Kris,
      Yes, apples from our trees, an early cultivar -- William's Pride. I totally get what you're saying about your family eating enough fruits and veggies this time of year. I sometimes eat 3 or 4 small apples in a day, and encourage my family to take several with them each day.

      Are you freezing surplus beans? Or do you do anything special with them? We've had green beans with dinner almost every night this week. I need to get some garlic so I can make green bean dill pickles. I intentionally planted a lot of beans this year so I could make loads of pickles, and now I haven't made a single jar of them! Got to get that done!

      Your family will have so much fun camping! Have a great and relaxing time! Soak in all the outdoors you can.

    2. Yup, we freeze our beans. I think it's our favorite vegetable so we love the surplus.

      Hoping it stops raining soon, since we leave this afternoon! It's supposed to be dry by tonight but it would be nice if it dried out a little sooner ...

    3. Have a fantastic family trip, Kris!!

  3. I like seeing your lunch ideas. I was inspired by your idea of a rice kale bake a few weeks ago, so I looked up an internet recipe and gave it a whirl (with a few modifications based on what was in my pantry, like any good cook). It was delicious! Thanks for the idea!

    1. Hi Lisa,
      it helps me, too, to see what other people are preparing for meals. And that kale, rice and cheese casserole was a hit in my house, too. Gotta make that again, soon.

  4. I love the 2 bean salad menu option. On occasion I have even made 1 bean salad because that is all I had. I love non traditional interpretations of old stand-bys. We have very limited growing space for produce, but have an abundant green bean harvest this year. I am looking t more ways to increase planting in the small amount of full sun in the yard. ( we have neighborhood covenants restricting visible food crops and the full sun part of my yard is extremely visible)

    1. Hi Anne,
      You gotta work with what you've got, right? I figure, that's how most recipes came about, anyway. Someone was working with what they had on hand.

      Oh, I understand the limited sunny exposure. Our yard is mostly in shade, due to extremely tall evergreens. We've maximized our one sunny area. I imagine that you do a lot of vertical gardening in the small amount of sun you have that you're allowed to use for veggies. I've seen some amazing vertical gardening ideas online. You can grow cucumbers and small vining squash, even vertically. I saw a garden area with vertical acorn squash, once. That was pretty inspiring. And for fruit, there's espalier to maximize vertical growth space. That's how 4 of our apple trees are grown (I'm just not good at the pruning part, so ours looks a bit messy). Good luck!

  5. I also love seeing what other people are eating :) The fresh apples and blueberries sound fantastic.

    I just replanted my garden the other day (luckily we can grow all year round), and put in basil, spinach and rocket. I can't wait until they start to grow and I have fresh salad greens :)

    1. Hi Liz,
      Ooooh, lucky you! Our garden dies out in late November, then doesn't start up again until late March. But you reminded me, I have another spot I need to fill with fall greens before it's too late!

      The apples have been great this year. I made an apple cobbler for dessert last night, and had apples and peanut butter for snacks several times yesterday.


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