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Friday, October 3, 2014

Sometimes plans have to change, right?

I had planned on getting my September grocery journal posted today, but couldn't finish it up yesterday, as our internet access went out in the afternoon and didn't come back on until sometime in the middle of the night.

The downside, I couldn't do online things. The upside, no distractions in the evening, so I went to bed early, which I very much needed. There's always a silver lining to clouds, isn't there?

I'll get the journal finished up very soon, and have it posted. It's a doozy -- I spent a LOT! But, now that you understand we have some special nutritional needs in our household, when I find specific foods priced very low, I buy all I can, so I can meet those needs.

Beautiful things around here. . .

I bought 2 small mum plants on clearance (79 cents each) at the grocery store last month, planted in pots, then completely forgot to water them in our warm September. The existing blooms died, but I cut them off, and new buds have formed and are now unfolding new blooms. Even more beautiful, the violas and pansies that I got on clearance in spring, and put into pots for the deck are STILL blooming.

The tips of the vine maple trees on the border of the property are just turning autumn colors. Very pretty and a delight every time I step out the back door.

I cut some blooms from the hydrangea, and put in water for the kitchen table many weeks ago. When the water level went down (and I forgot to add more), the blooms dried and stayed their blue color, without going limp. I now have hydrangea blooms for a vase for the winter! Who knew my neglect could be a good thing?!

Our next door neighbor just this week became a grandmother of a beautiful little girl, her very first grandchild! I have a Kohl's $10 coupon to use this weekend, and will go pick out something for the new little baby.

Our car had issues this week, and needed repairs. Doesn't sound like anything wonderful could come from that, right? But, every single person that I encountered through this was soooo kind. They gave me rides places, and as soon as a loaner car freed up, they set it aside for me. And one woman even was kind enough to listen to me the day that I picked up the car, and was having a too-stressed moment. It has been a stressful week (month, year, life . . .), and these people really set my mood back in order. Now that's a beautiful thing!

I hope your week went well and you have a lovely weekend! Be back on Monday with the grocery journal for September!



  1. Hi Lili,
    Amen to finding the silver linings in unexpected plan changes. We just have to remember to look for that silver lining : )
    So glad to hear your mums came back. We have some mums in front of the house that have come back for the third year now! I also have some violas from the spring that are still blooming. I just did a search on violas and found that they are perennials! They will be coming inside with my begonias and geraniums. We're due for a cool spell beginning tonight, so I think I'll set the potted ones close to the house...
    I hope you have a lovely restful weekend.
    Jo Ann

    1. Hi Jo Ann,
      I have some violas that come back year after year, in pots on the deck. I'm looking forward to next spring, to see what will come back and not need any new plantings!.

      I don't know about your area close to your house, but our deck is on the south side of the house and catches a lot of sun. The tomato plants I planted out in the garden are all toast now, but the two tomato plants I put into large pots are still producing ripe tomatoes! I'm going to remember this for future years!!

  2. Car troubles are the worst. I'm so glad you found a silver lining in yours. I'm glad you found people to help you out when you needed it. Can't beat that. :)

    I love hydrangea blooms, they are so beautiful. We used to have a purple one in our yard. I just loved it when it was fully bloomed. I never did take a picture of it, I should have, but that was before the ease of digital cameras.

    1. Hi Belinda,
      Hydrangeas are so pretty! If you have a friend or neighbor with a bush you might be able to get a new one started from a stem cutting. My neighbor took non-bloom cuttings from hers a few years ago, and rooted them in water in the kitchen window. I've got a few stems myself trying to get to root, right now. Keeping my fingers crossed that I can gain some plants for free!!

      Yes, definitely on the wonderful people that helped me out when my car was being repaired. Sometimes it takes me by surprise when people are actually nice and helpful, as everyone seems to be in such a rush all the time!

  3. It's always good to find the silver lining to our clouds. I have to work hard at doing that, but the rewards of that kind of thinking always pay off. Thanks for giving me some good examples to follow.

    My pansies that are blooming in the spring usually die off in the heat of the summer. However this year I dug them up and potted them in a shady area and kept them watered. That's what I read to do to keep them healthy so they could be replanted in the fall. Well, I'm not sure what happened, but they died off faster and more completely that the other years than when I left them alone. I'm gonna have to rethink my plant management. :)

    1. Hi live and learn,
      Finding silver linings is something that I have to work at. Maybe it's that way for most people, I don't know. But I do know that it can help me get out of a funk when it feels like everything is going wrong all at once.

      So it sounds like you need to go back to plan A with your pansies? Or maybe it was just an off year for moving them? Maybe with some fall rains some will return. :)



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