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Monday, January 5, 2015

Good morning! Some good news!

This is great news for me and my online life.

I have never had my very own computer. I've used hand-me-down laptops and desk tops from my husband. Back in June, my latest hand-me-down fried and died. Since then, I've begged and borrowed time on laptops from other members of the family. As you can imagine, mooching computer time has greatly limited my access to email, blogs, bill-paying and general internet browsing.

Well, later today, I'll be picking up my very own laptop. No more hand-me-downs. No more mooching computer access off of my family members.

Back in 2008, I began saving for my very own computer. Every month, I put aside a few dollars, specifically for this purpose. Some months it was just $5 or $10. Other months I pulled together $50 or more. This past fall, I finally had enough to make that purchase. Woo hoo!!!

Computers don't last forever. So I've already begun my next fund to buy this one's replacement. $5 to $10 a month doesn't sound like much. But in 6 years, those measly dollars could amount to over $700.

This is how our family pays for just about every major purchase we make -- we save in anticipation of needing the new item. We currently have the necessary savings to replace our water heater. And we're in the process of saving for a new furnace, a new car and a new refrigerator/freezer. Everything, paid in full, up-front. No interest, no financing. It takes time and planning, but that's how we like it.

I'll be back online just as soon as I can get my new computer up and running!



  1. Congrats on your new computer! We have one desktop, shared between the four of us, which we had to update about 3 years ago. You bring up a good point--this computer won't last forever and I anticipate my son will need one of his own in a few years--saving a little now to pay cash for a new one when we need it is a great idea. Typically, that's how we like to operate our finances, as well, although I give you an A+ on your saving and planning skills and a B+ on mine. :)

    1. HI Kris,
      4 of us shared a desktop for many, many years. And that worked great for a while. Once my son was in high school, he needed something portable, and was able to borrow one of my husband's old laptops from time to time. Same with our daughters. But in college, they have each needed their own laptops (and ones that weren't dinosaurs, as have been the borrowed ones). So we did make those purchases a priority for each university child.

      The nice thing about a desktop shared in the family is that it's usually placed in a central part of the home, so everyone can access it, and parents can monitor how much time their kids spend online, just as we do with television.

  2. Hooray! I think you will really enjoy your new computer and we look forward to seeing what you do with it.

    1. Hi live and learn,
      I'm not sure I can do much that might be interesting, with the new computer, but it sure is nice to not have to mooch access from family members!

  3. How cool your own computer! I think the idea of putting away some money for your next computer is wonderful. I am going to do that as well!

    1. Putting aside money, little bits at a time for something like this, in a sense, gives me "permission" to make a large purchase. As well as peace of mind, knowing that something is all paid for. Good luck in your savings endeavors towards your next computer!

  4. Congratulations! Did you get a laptop/notebook or a desktop? Do they even sell desktops anymore? I actually don't even know the difference between a laptop & a notebook, but I'd love to hear what factors you considered when making the purchase.

    My computer is 8 years old now... it's a desktop that I bought when I first quit my job because I needed something "state of the art" for all of the programming & graphic design stuff. I've updated it numerous times over the years (new hard drive, new video card, new power supply, new operating system, new keyboard & mouse...) It's getting to the point that the case is just about the only part left from the original system!

    Part of me thinks it would be nice to upgrade to something brand spanking new, and a laptop would probably eat up less electricity - but I'm pretty attached to my big monitor for graphic design stuff, and since I'm a touch-typist, I can't imagine trying to get by without a full-sized keyboard. Plus, I like having lots of USB ports so I can attach my drawing tablet (for graphic design stuff) and television antenna (to use the computer as a DVR) and cameras etc... So maybe I'll just keep updating... I dunno...

    Anyhow, I'm just curious about what things you considered when deciding what to get.

    1. Hi Cat,
      It's a notebook. My understanding is that traditionally notebooks were the lightweight, highly-portable computers, whereas laptops were weightier, more cumbersome, etc. But in the last decade, all of that has changed, and laptops can be just as lightweight as notebooks. I don't think the name matters anymore.
      Mine is a MacBook Air. I do use mine as a "laptop" and I wanted it to be lightweight on my lap. I had been borrowing much heavier laptops, and my legs would ache after a while.

      When I first began saving for my own computer (2008) I was set on a desktop. Since then, neck and shoulder issues prevent me from sitting at a desk for very long. Plus, I tend to move my "office" all around the house, as well as take the "office" on the road at least once per year.

      So, I began looking at more powerful laptops than I settled on. But I decided that I don't need a cd/dvd drive onboard, and for what I use the computer for, I probably didn't need all that power.

      My son helped in my selection by explaining all the options and their uses/benefits -- the flash storage, the memory and the GHz. I really didn't need all of the expensive options/models. I upgraded only where it mattered for my purposes.

      I wasn't sure I could manage on the smaller keyboard, either. But I'm doing fine. What I have seen others do, is set up a desktop stand for the laptop, and use a full keyboard for desk use. The laptop still has the portability, but can also function well for office use.

      But, really, what works for me, may not be what you're after. A desktop might be just what you need for your work. Good luck deciding what to do.


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