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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

How I deal with those super large blocks of frozen leafy greens

I buy frozen spinach and collard greens in 3-lb blocks at the restaurant supply (Cash & Carry). Last month, I found the frozen spinach on sale for $2.49/3-lb block. This works out to about 83 cents per pound, or about 52 cents for the equivalent amount in a 10-oz box, typically sold in the traditional grocery store.

The caveat? A 3-lb box of frozen greens isn't so straightforward to deal with. So, how do I use this large of a package?

When I get my groceries home from the store, I set the block of greens on the counter and allow it to sit for about 10 minutes or so, while I put everything else away.

At this point, the block is still mostly frozen, but I'm able to cut it into chunks.

I use my serrated bread knife, and cut the block, packaging and all, in half.

Then I cut each half, in half, leaving me with four 12-oz portions. I wrap each smaller block and pop into them freezer.

It's a few minutes of extra work, but saves me money in the long run.



  1. I've never purchased those--good tip if I ever do. We like greens fresh, and I like them cooked, but not everyone in my family does--you have to use the frozen greens in cooked form, right? Or can you eat them "fresh"?

    1. Hi Kris,
      well, thawed, frozen leafy greens come out limp.

      One of my favorite ways to eat frozen spinach or collards, is chopped and mixed in with cottage cheese, Parmesan, garlic, then baked. I have a chicken recipe that I love that is basically baked chicken over a bed of tomato-y rice, then topped with dollops of spinach/cheese/garlic, all baked in one casserole dish. The cooked greens kind of disappear into the background in this dish.

    2. I thought they'd be limp.

      Both kids like fresh spinach, but my son hates any kind of cooked green and he isn't fond of casserole-ey dishes where everything is mixed together (except lasagna--go figure). I think being a mom has a lot to do with finding nutritious meals that are acceptable to everyone (that and laundry ... sometimes I think I'm a laundry machine!). Both of your dishes would appeal to me--maybe I'll stop in for lunch--oh yeah, it's a loooong commute from my house to yours!

    3. It's a really good recipe, from Bon Appetit, I think. I'll post it sometime, in case you might want to make this just for hubby and you.

      I remember the everything-must-be-plain years. Fortunately, they don't last forever, and your kids will someday enjoy a wider variety of meals. Just hang in there! LOL!

  2. We put frozen greens n our smoothies yummy

    1. Hi Patti,
      I never thought to use the frozen greens in smoothies. What an awesome idea! I'll be trying that today. Thank you!

  3. The i on my key board does not behave these days

  4. Thank you for this guide. My wife bought a brick without realizing what it was inside and we had no idea what to do with it. I copied your guide and was able to put a fourth of it in the curry I made tonight. I would have given up and thrown it away without this! Very helpful for a young guy who wasn't taught how to cook growing up!

  5. Thank you for this guide! My wife bought a brick of this spinach and we had no idea what it was supposed to be inside. I fully intended on giving up and throwing it away, but instead I was able to get it into fourths and used it with ease in our curry tonight. Things like this are useful for a young guy who wasn't taught how to cook. :)


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