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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

My winter pj's are looking a bit shabby . .

. . .and I won't be showing them to you!!

So, although we're still mid-summer, I am thinking about my winter pj's.

I lost 1 pair of pj pants last winter when they could no longer be patched or repaired. Another pair of pj pants are definitely on their last legs. I've been repairing this pair for the last 2 years, and the fabric is now getting rather thin.

And my pj tops, well, they've seen better days. I've been wearing a couple of long-sleeve t-shirts that had become too stretched out, stained with a torn seam here and there, to actually be worn as outerwear.

As well, I admit it, I just want prettier pj's this year.

Sunday afternoon, I took my 2 daughters to St Vincent de Paul (local thrift store), for their 99-cent-all-clothing sale (every Sunday), as they were needing some new jeans for work this summer. While they were trying on jeans, I was perusing the clothing aisles for myself. I found what I was thinking was just a t-shirt that I thought would be cute on one of my daughters. Showing it to her, she said, "that would be a really cute pajama top". That's when we both noticed the label said "sleepwear". Okay, so, being occasionally selfish, I responded, "second thought, not a cute t-shirt for you, but a new pajama top for me!" Moms get to have new stuff, too!

So, 99 cents and I have the first part of my new winter pj set. I thought I'd check out Jo Ann Fabrics for some cute flannel for the pants, using a pattern I've had and used several times (I last used this pattern for my daughters pj pants Valentine's Day 2013). Having used that pattern many times, I know just how little fabric I can get by with. As soon as I choose some fabric, I'll show you what I found.

No more tattered winter pj's for me!


  1. I also need some good winter sleepwear but I have two problems. One is that I get so hot during the winter nights sleep so something too warm won't work. Second, most sleepwear sets have deep scooping necklines and short sleeves that just won't work for me. I do like, however, flannel pants and a warm top for lounging around the house in the evening after work. I would love to learn how to sew a nice flannel bottom for my girls and me. Sweatshirts work great for tops. Share the pattern (if that is allowed).


    1. Good morning, Alice!
      The pattern is Mc Call's 2476. That pattern is still made and available, I believe (I looked it up for a friend just a few months ago). I originally bought the pattern for my own pjs, then a couple of years ago, I sized the pattern down (made a new pattern with tissue paper) to fit my teen daughters. I posted on sizing the pattern down/making those pjs pants here :

      It's a quick and easy pattern, taking just a couple of hours each pair, from start to finish.

    2. Alice,

      I second Lili on the quick and easy nature of this sort of PJ/lounge pants. I have a different couple of patterns than hers that I use, and they're VERY quick for flannel loungers. I've also used them for light-weight summer pants for camping. (I sometimes like something to cover my legs from sun, etc., but not be as hot as jeans/sweats.)

      Even a novice seamstress could probably do these without much trouble. I gave a friend a similar pattern to make flannels for her little boys, and it was the first clothing she ever sewed. :)

      And although I don't think that they let you put URLs on the comments on these site, I did want to mention, I noticed that this pattern is on sale right now at the McCall patterns site for $3.99, when I searched for it to see if Lili's was one of the ones I'd used. Just in case anyone's in the market. Patterns have gotten so expensive, I don't buy often anymore, but that seems like a pretty good price, if you're going to use it more than once or twice.


  2. I have saved so much money buying Sears and Kmart clearance clothing...still have several bins of tops, bottoms and underwear from the sales. I think it worked out cheaper than thrift store prices although 99c is definitely rock bottom in my books too. Being thrifty is so much fun, who needs to be entertained by shopping at the mall and paying full retail. Also, being able to DIY has financial rewards...the more I know how to make things for myself, the less I need to shop period. That's my goal, to shrink my TO BUY list to just the few basic raw materials. That way I'm not tempted to buy ready made junk just for the entertainment of it. Didn't mean to sound so depressing... I really like your spirit of finding joy and beauty in the everyday chores of life.



    1. Hi YHF,
      Yeah, I think I did pretty well for 99 cents. The top is in like-new condition, so a good deal. And I think it's cute, so that's a definite win!

      Good for you, with your back stock of all of that clothing. It will really pay off in retirement. No money going out for basics, for a long while!

    2. You're very perspective...exactly what I was thinking myself, that these clearance clothing will serve me well in retirement, when I'm older and when no one will care what an old person like me wears. That's when too, I can deconstruct and wear one of a kind, too weird to sell or give, homemade clothing and accessories.


    3. oops perceptive..


  3. That's a cute pj top--you scored! I think it's important for women to have a few items that make them feel pretty. Glad you could do it and stay on budget!

    1. Hi Kris,
      You know, I think so too. For some reason, I let myself be convinced that I didn't need anything nice or pretty, for many, many years. Shame on me! I've been making a few small changes with my wardrobe over the past 2 years!

  4. Very cute top! And yay for new PJ's!

  5. Glad you found the top. Since it is neutral you should be able to find something you like to go with it.
    I have trouble sleeping in pajamas, but I wear them for nighttime lounging. I'm a flannel nightgown gal for winter time sleeping, have to have my legs unencumbered and a scooped neck that is non binding. I also have taken the elastic out of the wrists so nothing is tight anywhere. I am currently on year 11 with both of my gowns and this is probably the last winter I will have since they are terribly ratty. I still have the pattern and will make another couple which should last a good 10 years. Glad I am not the only one who pushes the limits on acceptable nightwear.

    1. Hi Anne,
      I was thinking the same thing. I really should be able to find a fabric that I like that goes well-enough with it.

      Good job on sewing your nightgowns! And 11 years is a pretty decent amount of time for them to last.

  6. I had some summer pj's that had reached the end of their useful life and really didn't want to shop for more when my sister gave me some knit shorts that she no longer wanted. She's a little bigger than I am, so they were nice and roomy for sleeping. And I had an oversized T-shirt that matched perfectly. Now it's my favorite pj "set".

    However, all of this talk about easy sewing, has me thinking I may get my machine out and sew some up.

    1. Hi live and learn,
      Oh, those knit shorts sound perfect! And you had a t-shirt to "match" it. Now that's pretty frugal!

      I haven't sewn anything in a while and am looking forward to making something again. It's always fun to start with a length of fabric and finish with something usable. I can't wait to go fabric shopping. Probably next week when my daughters have 1 week off from work, and will likely want to come with me. Hope I have a coupon by then!

      If you get your machine out, soon, have fun with a new project!!


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