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Monday, May 9, 2016

Happy Monday!

It was a whirlwind weekend, for me. A lot packed into just 2 days. But it all worked out. I had one daughter to pick up late in the evening on Friday, and another daughter to send off for an Astronomy overnighter, the next afternoon. I always feel at loose ends when my children are coming/going/missing from family meal times, on the weekend. But by Sunday, mid-morning, all 3 were back together, to help me celebrate Mother's Day.

Saturday morning was my Mother's Day time with just my daughters. The 3 of us had a breakfast pastry freebie on our Panera cards, each, to use soon. As well, we each had Starbuck's cards to use, it was a beautiful morning, and our local mall has a lovely outdoor area. You can guess where we spent our morning on Saturday. A lovely all-girls outing, for virtually no-cost, but the gas. And even with the gas used, we combined this outing with an errand to get a gift card for my brother's birthday and fill-up the car with gas for the month, not far from the mall. And alas, all of the birthday freebies are now used up for the year.

Sunday was an equally lovely day (although the weather turned inclement), in that my son's girlfriend came home from church with us for a nice lunch, made and provided by my daughters. I was able to just sit in the living room talking with my son and GF, while someone else made lunch. The daughter gone on the overnighter made a stop by the grocery store on her way home the next day, and picked up deli salads, some blueberries, crackers and sausage. I had made a pitcher of lemonade for the fridge, and had 1 box of Girl Scout cookies in the pantry, to add to the mix. It was a leisurely sit-down repast in the dining room for the 6 of us.

Then by evening, the weather cleared up just long enough to roast hotdogs and make s'mores around the fire in the fire ring. My son and I were able to spend some time just chatting, late into the evening, as the fire died down and the sprinkles picked up.

Time with all of my kids is what I wanted most for Mother's Day. And that is what they gave me.

My posting will be back on track tomorrow morning. Have a wonderful Monday!


  1. Yay for the wonderful time with your kids!

    We had a very busy Saturday just puttering around and on Sunday my parents were invited to our house so we could celebrate Mother's Day together. I made a huge salad to start dinner off with lettuce, celery, carrots, diced ham, onion, shredded cheese, diced eggs, and croutons with homemade french and thousand island dressings. The dish was tater tot casserole. Dessert was cream cheese peach pie in a graham cracker crust. Dad brought crushed strawberries and real whipped cream. So simple and yet so delicious! Mom whispered to me later that tater tot casserole is Dad's favorite and I never knew it! We never had that growing up. Kids were all home and it was a nice and quiet day!


    1. Wow, Alice, that sounds like a delicious Mother's Day feast! And how delightful you picked your dad's favorite by accident, too! Glad you could have a nice day in the middle of your current troubles. Sara

    2. Soon, I am holding a family birthday party for everyone in my husband's family who has a birthday during the first half of the year. I asked each birthday person if they had a special request for the menu and tater tots was chosen and seconded by several. I haven't had them in years, but I love them. I guess it's one of those foods that aren't good for us, but everyone likes.

    3. Hi Alice,
      how lovely everything turned out! It sounds like you all had such a nice time, the meal was just right, and it didn't have to take a huge effort. Well done!

  2. I just read Alice's comment. I haven't had tater tot casserole in years. Maybe I need to dust off that recipe. :)

    We had a good weekend camping, although it was c-c-c-cold Saturday night! I heard scuffling outside our tent in the morning so I peeked out the window--we had a flock of turkeys visiting our campsite. Fun for the kids (adults, too!). Time together with my family was the best gift for me. :) We were all a little sad to return to "real life" today.

    1. Hi Kris,
      I'm glad it was just wild turkeys!! It sounds like your family had a very nice time (although cold -- brrr). Now it's back to regular life, and chores and school and work, and . . .

  3. It sounds like a very lovely weekend, Lili! Time with family is always special.

    1. Thank you, Mary. It was a lovely weekend. the kind when as you're falling asleep, you say to yourself, "wasn't this just so nice".

  4. Lili, I think you echo what almost every mother says (especially those of us with older children), we like it anytime we can spend time with our kids. One of mine was sick yesterday, but one came and cooked lunch. A very nice day.

    1. Hi live and learn,
      I'm glad you had a very nice day with the son who could come over (and cooked lunch -- always a treat). That time with grown kids feels so precious.

  5. Never had tater tot casserole ever, but now that's going to be on my radar lol

    Glad to hear everyone had a nice day. Maybe it is a self defense but I tell myself I don't like or celebrate holidays. So untraditional....but that seems the way I prefer it. Fortunately our children's inlaws celebrate and not having our side to go to makes it a lot easier for them. But at least I hear their voices on that day.


    1. Hi YHF,
      I'm not sure I've ever had tater tot casserole, myself. Dollar Tree sells tater coins, so maybe I'll look up a recipe.
      I think I understand your feelings about holidays. But I am glad that you heard from your kids on Sunday. Mother's day isn't the only day in the year that we can enjoy being mothers to our children and grandchildren, as you already know.

  6. Time with our kids, however we get it is the best gift of all. 2 of my sons live on opposite coasts and we are rarely all together, so I take what ever happens as a good thing.
    We were in NYC for the first half of Mother's Day and I was able to eat breakfast with Son3. After a nonstop back we were in Alabama by late afternoon and picked up BBQ to take to Mom's for a meal with her. Son2, My Beloved Sister and her husband were there with TheHub and me so we got to celebrate again. While we were all still together Son1 Facetimed (I am sure that is not a real word but you know what I mean.) I enjoyed seeing him, but really wanted to see/talk with my granddaughter most!

    1. Hi Anne,
      It sounds like you were able to connect with your whole family on Mother's Day. That must feel like a rare treat. What a jam-packed day for you! Yes, I agree, however we can manage time with our kids is welcome.


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