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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Feasting on the 4th of July

As usual, we tried to put on a feast for the holiday, without extra expenses. The only extra item we bought was 1 box of graham crackers, for making s'mores. Not too bad. So this is what we ate:

hot dogs, cooked over an open fire (that's the fun part)
homemade buns, half wheat/half white
macaroni salad (I found a jar of green olives in the pantry, plus added celery and bell pepper)
watermelon cubes
deviled eggs
creamy rhubarb jello (rhubarb sauce pureed with cream cheese, and gelatin)
lemonade (made from bottled lemon juice)
mint and lemon balm iced tea (garden herbs)

s'mores and cocoa/coffee

The weather has been on the chilly side, in my area, so the sorbet that I'd planned, was out. In it's place, s'mores and coffee/cocoa. We forewent the chips and sodas that are often at 4th picnics and bbq's. The herb tea and lemonade were enjoyed instead, and I made a creamy macaroni salad, for a starchy side dish, to take the place of something like chips. And of course, we're still eating a lot of eggs, so a platter of deviled eggs was a must. 

I already had hot dogs in the fridge. One daughter and I made a batch of burger and hot dog buns on Saturday. I had all of the ingredients for the remaining dinner dishes. 

We have a fire ring on the patio in the back yard. After roasting our hot dogs, we all sat around the fire to keep warm while eating dinner, and waiting for the hour to set off some fire works.

And for the s'mores, I had a bag of marshmallows and some clearance Easter and Valentine chocolate candy, to go on the graham crackers. 

The whole dinner really didn't require much time to prepare, in comparison to other holiday dinners. So, in all, I think the dinner went well.

I hope you enjoyed your holiday weekend. I'll be back tomorrow morning!


  1. We had a nice day with friends at the lake along with their children and grandchildren. My husband got called in to work at the last minute and could not join us and it was too far to drive to later. They are such nice friends to include our family with their family's activities. They had a big birthday party for all the people who had or will have birthdays shortly. Then we had cake and ice cream, then water games since they live on the lake. From there it was a time of watercraft and beach volleyball and then swimming off the boat. Then some yard games and grilled hamburgers. We all brought a variety of side dishes and everyone had a wonderful day. Very simple and very satisfying.


  2. Your 4th of July dinner sounds great, Lili. I'm a big fan of macaroni salad. It's so good and refreshing. Green olives make it extra special too. How terrific that you and your daughter made your own hot dog buns. That is such frugal undertaking.

    When we used to visit my sister in Illinois on the 4th it could be chilly, but not down here in TN. It was very humid after a short rain yesterday. I love the thought of you all warming up to the fire. Sounds wonderful. I am ready for cooler days already, having tired of this summer heat.

  3. What a nice day for your family! My brother and SIL had a cookout/potluck dinner for family. My mom moved out here last week so it was fun to do something besides packing and unpacking with her. :) He took my family for a boat ride and my kids went swimming where he docks his boat. Nothing says summer to me like watching kids jump off the end of a dock.

    I was reading Belinda's comments about the heat--we were in TN a few weeks ago and it was unseasonably hot when we were there--I can understand how it makes her long for cool days!

  4. I can't think of a better way to use eggs than deviled eggs. I love them. We took food to my father in laws house for a picnic on Sunday. Even though it rained, we had a good time visiting.


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