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Friday, February 10, 2017

Cheap & Cheerful Suppers for Early February

cookies made with scraps from rolled out sugar cookies, formed into a log,
 smashed flat, and filled with raspberry jam -- really delicious

  • turkey noodle and vegetable soup
  • cranberry sauce muffins
Husband's night to cook
  • scrambled eggs with cheese and onions
  • hash-browned potatoes
  • stewed tomato
  • canned green beans

  • spaghetti pasta
  • tomato, vegetable and meat sauce
  • braised red cabbage
  • carrots sticks
  • blackberry cobbler with whipped cream

  • leftover spaghetti casserole
  • canned green beans
  • leftover blackberry cobbler

  • baked potatoes, topped with butter, cream cheese and cheddar cheese
  • steamed carrots
  • canned corn
  • slaw made from red cabbage and sliced celery
  • olives
  • toffee bar cookies

  • black bean soup, topped with cheddar, avocado and broken tortilla chips (bottom of the bag from December)
  • French bread
  • canned pineapple chunks
  • cookies

  • leftover turkey-noodle soup from last Friday
  • cranberry sauce muffins (also leftover)
  • slaw made with red cabbage and celery, in a dressing of mayo, bleu cheese dressing and vinegar
  • cookies
This has been a great week for soup. I've had soup for lunch a couple of days and we all had soup for dinner on three evenings. Cold weather = soup. 

Our primary vegetables continue to be canned, or fresh carrots, celery and cabbage. I got lucky at WinCo last Friday and found avocados for 58 cents each. I only bought three. We have been enjoying them, though. The canned vegetable supply has been dwindling. I am hoping that it will hold out through March, when late in that month I should be able to harvest kale, sorrel, watercress and parsley from the garden. Those last items will supplement continued purchases of fresh carrots, celery and cabbage, as well as whatever I find at the produce stand, which will open the last weekend of March. I can hardly believe it, but spring is nearly here!

My pre-planned menu has worked very well, thus far. I've only strayed from the plan a couple of times; which must mean that this has been a success. It runs through the end of this month. So, I will need to plan March and April's menus, soon.

What was on the menu at your house this past week? Do you have a plans for the weekend? We'll be celebrating Chris and Angie's engagement on Saturday evening. On Sunday morning, I'll have heart-shaped pancakes for brunch for everyone, after church. 

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!!


  1. Hi Lili,
    That's a lot of soup!

    We had a roast beef dinner Sunday with mashed potatoes and cabbage and fried rice. After the kids took what they wanted for meals during the week there still were enough leftovers for two days for us. Another day I made chicken in the pressure cooker and we ate from that a couple of days. One day my hubby made turkey patty's and last night I had no time to make or eat dinner at all. It was my volunteer night that starts at 6 pm but time was too tight to make anything. When I got home at 8 pm I was needing a bit of down time to relax and then to bed.

    I had planned on spaghetti and beef barley soup but none got made so tonight I'll make one of them. I also have a no knead bread dough started this morning so maybe I can bake that tonight.


    1. Hi Alice,
      It sounds like you had a busy week, and especially so last night. I hope you can rest a bit over the weekend. I am glad that when you make a big Sunday dinner that there is enough left over so you can come home from work a couple of nights and have an easier evening, on those days.

      Have a restful weekend, Alice.

  2. We love soup here especially in the cold weather. And I also like adding crushed chips to certain soups.

    Your raspberry cookies look good. Do you add the jam after baking or before?

    1. Hi Belinda,
      With the cookies, you bake the dough only, half-way, take them out and add the jam, and bake for the other half of the time. I love jam thumbprints, but these are an easier version. I should post the whole recipe.

      Have a great weekend, Belinda!

    2. Sounds delicious. I would like the recipe when you have the time. I hope you have a great weekend too. :)

  3. Re the cookies: did you bake the filled cookies and after cooling them, slice them or were they baked as slices? Look good.

    1. Hi Carol,
      You bake the long, flattened log, filling halfway through baking, then cool and slice. Also, before baking the dough, you press a long trough down the center of the dough. I'll post a full recipe next week.
      Have a wonderful weekend, Carol!

  4. Your hubby is staying consistent with helping you out with meals! Great! :)

    Happy weekend, Lili.

    1. Hi Kris,
      Yep! And he is improving each week.
      Have a great weekend, Kris!

  5. Yum! Your menu sounds good.
    I am going to try and remember. Potatoe soup with sausage and spinach(this was really good)
    Spanish rice and chicken
    Mashed potatoes,canned corn and chicken
    Sweet and sour orange chicken,rice and chicken stir fry
    Hamburgers in lettuce wraps, and oven fries
    tonight maybe breakfast for dinner?
    Congratulations to Chris and Angie!
    enjoy the celebration this weekend.

    1. Hi Patti,
      Yum! Your meals sound delicious, as always.
      I hope you have a wonderful weekend, Patti!

  6. I am amazed that you can plan so far in advance and be able to stick to the meal plans with so little variation. We don't know what we will eat from meal to meal, and leftovers always throw our cooking plans off. Sometimes we are tired of the same old food, so we just snack or forage on our own. Now that I am concentrating on organizing the house, I have less time to think about food. So my husband makes what he wants to eat, and I tag along.

    Have a wonderful weekend with your family!!


  7. I tagged along with my hubby on a business trip this week. I visited a friend I met on Instagram. It was great to meet her in real life. She's a really neat gal and I'm glad I went.

    The kids did great while we were away. My stashing ahead of frozen meals really helped. Grandma & Grandpa looked in every once in a while. The older girls took the littles to the library & Walmart. They bought M & Ms to make monster cookies when they were snowed in one day.

    Last night we had an easy meal of spaghetti as I hit the ground running yesterday with catch up from being gone all week. Tonight will be another easy meal, probably Reuben in a bowl for adults & hot dogs for kids.

    I plan to make French toast this afternoon as I have some just past the date milk that needs to be used and a ton of eggs. I think I'll use the heart cookie cutter to cut out the centers like you did with the pancakes. If I make the French toast today, it'll make for an easier morning tomorrow when we're trying to get off to church.

    I do hope you have a wonderful engagement dinner for your son & fiance, Lili! Enjoy your time together as a family! Melissa


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