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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

A Lovely Sunday Outing That Didn't Break the Bank

It has not been warm enough to take our adventures to the outdoors. Instead, this past Sunday, one daughter and I spent a lovely afternoon visiting the Seattle Art Museum. This daughter had to visit the SAM for a class assignment, and I went with her for company and a nice outing for myself.

An afternoon at the art museum can be almost as expensive as a matinee at the theater. If there is a special exhibition one is wanting to see, the price of admission is even higher. I knew for certain that my daughter would receive the student discount, but I was unsure if I would. I asked anyway; and I was delighted to be told that yes, indeed, I qualified. The rules for discounted admission vary from one museum to another, and one never knows until he or she asks. So, I did, and we saved $10.00 each on our admission.

To save additional money, we took the bus into town (no parking or gas costs), and we brought a late lunch plus thermos of coffee to enjoy at the tables, just outside of the cafe in the museum. The SAM offers free coat and bag checks with in and out privileges, so we didn't even need to carry our lunch around. We avoided buying souvenirs from the gift shop (although I think that is a wonderful way to support museums), and brought home the two complimentary brochures that they offered. And I brought a camera and took photos of the works, plus object labels, of those that I particularly enjoyed.

(The special exhibit was the Paul Allen (Microsoft founder) collection of landscapes. It includes paintings from the 1600s through the 1900s.)

For YHF:


  1. Do I have it right? Do you have a degree in art history?

    I like to visit art museums and especially learn about the works. It's an area I don't know much about, so it's always interesting to me.

    Sounds like a lovely afternoon especially since you got to go with your daughter.

    1. Hi live and learn,
      it is similar to the saying about teaching: if you don't have artistic talent, then you study others who do. Actually, my daughter who is an art major was asking me why I had chosen art history. I told her that studying an artist and his/her works allows me to see people. The work of art is like a window into the artists world. I see what he or she was feeling and thinking, and what the surrounding world was thinking at the artist's time. Cultural history is the aspect of history that I really enjoy. Art history affords me the enjoyment of art and an aspect of history.

      And, yes, it was especially wonderful to share the experience with my daughter.

      Have a great day, live and learn!

  2. Wonderful that you qualified for the discount! This is a hard time of year to find things to do--too chilly/rainy/windy for a lot of ourdoor activity, and indoor ones can be pricey. Glad you had such a nice day. My daughter and I recently went on a kid's Saturday at our local art museum and we had a great time--since it was kid's day, she and I got in for free!

    1. Hi Kris,
      We had felt badly that we missed the free day for the month. That day just didn't work for my daughter's class schedule. For both of us to receive a discounted ticket was truly the next best thing. I'm now counting down the years until I'm 62. I think that earns the Senior discount at the museum.

      I'm so glad you and your daughter could go on a kid's day. And really great that they gave the parent free admission, too!

      Have a great day, Kris!

  3. Monet is one of my favorites, and the "Water Lilies" is a favorite of mine too. That sounds like an enjoyable day at the art museum.

    1. Hi Mary,
      It was really lovely. I was talking with my son about all of the works that I saw, and upon mentioning the Monet "Water Lilies", he joked about this is what hangs above Paul Allen's sofa in his living room. Did you know that there are about 250 in the Water Lilies series? I didn't realize it was that many. In Monet's later years, he was fascinated by the pond. Sunday was such a lovely day for me.

      Have a great day, Mary!

  4. youngest daughter is Classics and Classical Languages, Art History major with a minor in Archaeology. She is learning both Greek and Latin and I have no idea where she got her interest in any of this. Hubby and I are clueless about art. I think this might be a double major but I'm not sure.

    The summer between high school and college, she changed her mind about which college to attend after I told her that God's world is big and right now you have the opportunity to explore all He has provided us. I prompted her to find out where God would have her. She took that to heart and this is where God has led her so far. She has already completed her internship at a Presidential museum, gone to Amman, Jordan and now is hoping to go to Italy...we'll see where God takes her!


    1. Hi Alice,
      That is amazing what your daughter is doing. What you said to her about exploring the world at her age was so wise, and possibly life-changing. I wish I had had someone like that in my life when I was young. Good job, Mom!

      Have a lovely rest of your day, Alice!

  5. I totally understand your fascination about art history. Reminds me of the title of my Introductory Art textbook titled, "Art Creates Man Creates Art". So similar to fashion, music or any creative arts. I would have majored in Fine Art but thought I didn't have enough talent to be accepted into the program. Took a few art studio courses and really struggled, so why major in something that you have difficulty doing. But I love the free spirit and lifestyle of an artist so much. I'm glad that today in my retirement I can play artist. The one thing I got right is my continual and daily dedication to being a "maker". I noticed my father is a maker, and my son is. Til today, at 94, my father is busy everyday working on a project. Everything around him is continually being redesigned and reworked. But his eyes are poor and his hands are not steady, so his creations are not the magnificent structures he once built. It is sad that his spirit and desire to create is still there, in him, yet he cannot use his hands to express. I tell him it is ok to stop, but I think he cannot.

    Have a good day!!


    1. Got the art textbook title wrong, "Man creates art creates man". But the understanding is man creates art which influences the period and the creation of other artists. My favorite artist for my crafting is Milton Avery.


    2. Hi YHF,
      go back to my post for today. I left you something at the very end of the regular post. This was part of the exhibit that I saw on Sunday. It's in Paul Allen's collection.

    3. Hi again, YHF,
      I think we are all creators, in one way or another. It's how we were designed, in the image of God, the first creator. I like to create, too, I just don't have the skill for painting or sculpture, like the studio art students did/do. There's a real sense of accomplishment when you take ordinary items or ingredients and create something from them. That's fantastic that your dad, at 94 is still keeping himself busy. My father-in-law is 95 and still works on writing projects. A sense of purpose each day keeps us going.

      Have a wonderful day, YHF!

  6. Thanks, Lili!! I am glad to hear that Milton Avery's painting was in the collection. I missed learning about him in my art intro class, but came across his name recently as I was trying to understand my own art style. I refrain from calling myself an artist haha because I don't have enough talent, but I do have a consistent approach to my designs that mimic Milton Avery's abstract expressionism. I call it communication of energy and vibration by the juxtaposition of color, form and space.

    Recently, I've resigned to making stuff for my use only, and not burden my children when I'm gone to deal with the stuff I've made. I have furniture that my father made that are not saleable, or usable, but because he made it, it just sits in storage. I have to refrain from making too many rugs, bags and jewelry that already sit unused.


  7. I love visiting art museums. NC has a nice museum that has free admission, great grounds for picnicking, etc. We do from time to time pay for special exhibits...the last we attended was a Rembrandt some years ago. We often just stop in as we are going through Raleigh.

    1. Hi Busy Bee,
      I think having a free art museum is such a wonderful and generous thing that a city can offer to the people there. There is another art museum in the Seattle area which is free. It was established, and still maintained, with private donations. My daughter has used that museum for course assignments, as well. That's good to know that Raleigh has something similar.

      Have a great day, Busy Bee!


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