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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

A Poll Today About Entering the Workforce Later in Life

You know that I've been taking classes off and on for the last 5 years or so. Sometimes the class is just because I want to learn to do something or learn about something. And other classes are geared toward me finding a new career path (aside from my Queen of the Palace job). I have no idea how hard this is going to be. But I am preparing myself to do this.

I'm at that point in my life when I'm looking around and thinking "you know, I think I still have something to offer this world." I've done a lot of volunteer work over the years, but I want more than even that. I want to be doing something that engages my mind and my spirit. Do you think it's too late for me? Am I too old to enter a new career?

I'm fortunate that I can choose to do whatever I can find myself qualified for. I mean, I am at a point where I can somewhat choose a field in which I want to work. My field has always been art appreciation/history and design. That's what I have always been drawn to. I also enjoy writing. My class in January and February highlighted where my writing still needs improvement. I've also been beefing up my knowledge of art, particularly everything that happened in the art world since the 1940s. (I don't know why, but when I was in school in the 80s, the art history classes ended when we hit the 1940s.)

I don't now how this will all work out, but I am having faith as I take each step, that I am moving toward a goal. I am taking another class toward this goal right now. It's a technology in the work place sort of class. I've put together a couple of presentations, and this week we've been asked to put together a poll, using web resources. As my focus right now is getting back into a career, at my advancing age, I put together a 3-question poll concerning that subject.

This quick poll is for anyone interested. It's through a polling website. All answers are anonymous (even I won't know what you think). You can answer the questions by going to:

The survey will load and you just click on your answers. Not much to it. You can also do the poll through text. But you know me, if the web is free, and texting might cost money (if you have a pay as you go plan, or in another way pay per text), go for the free way. These are the questions. Don't answer here, but click the boxes at the website. If anyone is interested, I'll post the results in percentages on Monday or so. The poll/survey closes at midnight, Thursday.

What age is too old to embark upon a new career?

1) 40 to 50 years old
2) 50 to 60 years old
3) It's never too late to begin a new career

What is more important in choosing a career path?

1) earning potential
2) personal fulfillment
3) service to others

How many different career paths have you taken?

1) one
2) two to three
3) four or more

by web:   PollEv/elizabethmou558

you can text to enter the poll, but not necessary:    ELIZABETHMOU558 to 22333

And really, do you think that I am too old to make this change?


  1. Hi Lili,

    I might do your poll later. Let me tell you about us though.

    I always worked very hard prior to having my children. When my first one was born, she was a preemie and I just couldn't leave her in the hands of a sitter so I quit my job and hubby continued to work. The other two children came almost right away and we had three kids from 1993, 1994 and 1996. They were all preemies so I choose to stay home with them. During all those "home" years my employer asked me to work around hubby's schedule so I did for many years. In 2002 they asked me to fill in for a knee replacement gal and that was 32 hours per week for about three months. That same lady retired shortly after that and I was asked to step in permanently. I did. This job is my "baby" and something that I have nurtured and loved to this day.

    My hubby on the other hand worked until Dec. 2012 when he was offered an early retirement because he was very close to retirement anyway. He took it but he was only 51 yrs. old. He has had a very difficult time finding meaningful employment since retirement. He has bounced around a bit. Thankfully, he is receiving a pension so it's not about the money. If he wasn't pensioned it would be a very difficult situation.

    I love my job and I'm pretty much the breadwinner for now but he does work and after a recent job change he seems to be happier too. We still help our young adult kids financially but that won't go on forever.

    As for age, I don't think it should be a problem but I know it does play a role when handing out your resume. Those potential employers can figure out how old a person is and though they can't use that to not hire, I believe they do use that to not hire. I would say go for it. Find something you really want to do and something you can love. The job you choose shouldn't be one you dread getting up for each morning. As for a degree, maybe it helps but often it doesn't. I have a business degree and I work in the business field but since I work for the church headquarters of the denomination I attend, we don't earn what secular, competitive financial institutions would pay. I'm OK with that. I do it because I love my church. I say go for it!


    1. Hi Alice,
      thanks for sharing your story. You provided a lot for me to ponder. I can understand why you are so happy in your career, even though it doesn't pay as well as secular versions of the same job. I'm glad that your husband has found a position that he enjoys more. I'm sure that makes all the difference for him.
      Thanks again, Alice for your thoughts. Have a great day!

  2. Lili, have you reached the point that you have looked at places that help you get a job? They can help direct which classes you should take. Around here there are resources geared just for entering the workforce after 50. The Jewish community center is a good resource as well as the libraries where they have classes for entering the workforce late. Both are free or low cost. There are books on the subject in the library, also. Have you talked to your school placement center? Local community colleges also have classes about this subject.

    Have you tried networking with people in jobs you think you might like? Ask to talk to them about what they do and which skills are needed for the profession. Good connections for later when your are looking for a job, also. Internships are also a great way to learn about different jobs. One of my son's internship helped him figure out what he DID NOT want to do.

    These are probably already things you know, but I thought I would mention a few anyway.

    You are a very determined and capable person and I have no doubt that you will be able to do anything you set your mind to.

    1. Hi live and learn,
      Yes, there are a lot of resources for finding employment. I am working with someone, but will also check out the public library. Thank you.
      Is this the son who chose clock repair over business? It is fortunate that he discovered this early in his career. life and could make a change. Thank you for your thoughts on this, live and learn.
      Have a wonderful day!

    2. Yes, this is the clock son. He was economics before.

  3. I say go for it! As you know, I have had a lot of changes this past year, including ending a to year career, returning to school, now job hunting. If it were not for the need for medical insurance, I would be happily at home, due to my health concerns. Follow your heart, it is never too late.

    1. Hi Carol,
      Thank you. I am cheering you on in your pursuit of this next career position. Fortunately, you got right down to it and took care of the educational requirements immediately, giving you time for the job search before your insurance ran out. I know that you will land something soon. Good luck to you.
      Have a lovely afternoon and evening, Carol!

  4. No way are you too old! Besides, I think now more and more employers are looking for workers with life experience and a good work ethic. If this is something YOU want, you should go for it! I'm sure you will do it well, as with anything else you do.

    1. Hi Cat,
      Oh thank you. I think it's a matter of finding those employers who are seeking life experience over the inexperience of youth. Thank you for your support and kind words.
      Have a great day, Cat!

  5. Hi, Lili--

    Good luck with this class and with your plans going forward. I sent the link to some friends, so hopefully they'll go take the poll, too. :)

    Have a great day! Sara

    1. Hi Sara,
      thank you. And thanks for forwarding the link on to others.
      I hope that your day is off to a wonderful start!

  6. Not sure if this is just me or what, but the poll would only let me answer question number 2, the others were grayed out and I couldn't click on anything. Hmmm... so much for technology in the workplace! ;-)

    But as you can probably guess, I don't think it's ever too late to start a new career!

    1. I tried again, and this time it wouldn't let me answer any of the questions. (I didn't submit anything the first time around.) It says that the poll has received the maximum number of responses for each question. Don't know what it means.

      But if you want to add in my answers, they are:

      1) Never too old.
      2) Toss up between service and fulfilment. If you're doing it for money, it's a job not a career.
      3) Hard to say what counts and doesn't. I'd say I've had 2-3 different careers.

      And KUDOS to you for taking on the challenge of learning something new. I have the utmost confidence that you'll succeed in whatever you try!

    2. Hi Cat,
      I did just get a message from the polling site saying that it has received the max response it can handle. That was faster than I thought it would happen. But thank you for trying, and giving me your answers, anyway.

  7. I don't think it is ever too late to start a new career. You are definitely not too old to do that. Follow your heart. :)

    I did the survey and hope you will post the results for us to see when you get the time. :)

    1. Hi Belinda,
      Thank you! I'll share the results in a day or two.
      Have a great day, Belinda!

  8. So, my poll reached a capacity limit a lot faster than I'd expected. Thank you all of you who answered the poll, and those who tried and couldn't answer. I appreciate it, both for my assignment, but also in putting together my own thoughts and resolve. I owe you all a big debt of gratitude. Have a great day!

  9. I think your place in the workplace will happen according to what you see for yourself, now and in the future. That vision is very predictable, in my opinion, because it means you will be mentally and physically prepared, and opportunities will unfold at the right time. Maybe this is called fate or destiny, but I think we all have a hand in making things happen for ourselves that are perfect for us.

    Recently I was listening to Randy Vining of speak about the concept of work, if I remember correctly, he said, we need to first find what is fascinating to us, be creative with it. then share what we know and do with others. I think if you stick with this advice, you can't go wrong, at any age.

    Have a great day!!


  10. I couldn't finish the poll, but you knew that. :) My answers are: 1)3 2)2 1)1. I think Alice and L&L both have some great insights. I agree with Ecocatlady about it just being a "job" if you do it for money ... but a job involving service to others can also become a "job" if you don't love it. I've seen it happen. Because you are so responsible financially, you aren't stuck doing something you dislike just to pay the bills, and that's a good place to be.

    I don't know what is in my future professionally, but enjoying what I do is a big part of why I have continued to work (admittedly, fairly minimally) over all these years. I also like feeling like I have a little wiggle room to occasionally make fun purchases, but that's not my main objective in working. As my kids approach college age, I may need to rethink what I do and what hours I work, but I'm trying to take that one step at a time (not always easy for me! But with the added responsibilities of caring for my mom, I'm learning to not overplan my life).

  11. I think your perspective surrounding your need/desire to work matters. I stayed at home for many years with my children, then decided to back to school to be a nurse toward the end if their high school years. My husband was always the major breadwinner, and my job was to help improve our retirement funding and provide the "icing" to our everyday lives.
    Fast forward to 2 years ago when my husband suddenly suffered a debilitating stroke, and had never been able to work again. Thankfully, he is safe to be home alone during the day and does receive disability pay, though very reduced from his prior income. I am now the major breadwinner, and am very thankfully for my good job. I am so thankful that I went back to school when I did. Do I have days when I resent having to work, rather choosing to work? Yes, of course. But I try to count my blessings and remind myself I have so much to thank God for.
    So, I say, pursue something you would love, and don't worry so much what the label of the job is. As we age, we hopefully become wiser, and I certainly know the world around us could use some more wisdom. Find a place to be useful, and enjoy the chance to choose. And you don't have to marry the first job you try - we just have to give a great effort for the time we choose to work there. Hope that makes sense.
    Sorry so long, but I believe we go through things to help others along the way.....


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